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Endlessness (Madeira, Portugal)

Homeschooling on Madeira

NewsPortugal Likes

Long time no travel. Long time no family travel. But here we are again: Hanna, Mila, Anna and Tom on heavenly Madeira. How did our travelling change in those… 11 years?

Never-ending inspiration

Germany Likes

When we travel – we’ve got interested, informed and… inspired. By the people, by the views, by the problems, by the sounds. And what when we are at home?

East Coast of Madagascar

Madagascar Likes

Greener and even more challenging roads – that’s the difference between west Madagascar and east. I think in this post I will let Tom’s pictures talk…

Baobabs Avenue (Magadascar, Morondava)

Sleeping at the Alley of Baobabs

Madagascar Likes

Almost everybody knows where is Madagascar. And almost everybody knows the postcard-ish view from the west coast of Madagascar: seriously proud and extremely old giants: the baobabs. How not to say hello to them? We couldn’t resist to spend a night with them.

Bus station in Antananarivo (Tanna, Madagascar), Taxi Brousse, Taxi B

9th world’s poorest country: Madagascar

Madagascar Likes

Just imagine a city a size of Berlin. And that only 10% of the people have access to the water. Just imagine tiny kids, who have just learnt to walk, and are walking naked on the superbusy streets, between expensive toyota jeeps and their exhaust fumes. Poverty on the streets of Tana hurts a lot.

Kashan Iran - Places to see

Look INTO Kashan in Iran

Iran Likes

Leaving Tehran, we decided to go south. We like to look on the map, point some little, not very recommended place and take a local bus. That’s how we ended up spending most of Iranian time in and around… Kashan.

Trip to Iran with kids and family? Iran Travel

Iran Trip with Kids and Family – a good Idea?

Iran Likes

– Isn’t there only chaos? Is Iran really the right place for family winter holidays? – Tom’s father asked us, and he was not the only one asking this question. So let us talk about how is Iran for travelling, in winter, for a family, for a woman and for the kids.

Portugal Travel: Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, Attraktions, Storks, Animals, Ciconia ciconia

Secrets of white stork in… Portugal

NewsPortugalTravel Likes

A white stork. I look at it and I immediately feel like a summer holidays. In Poland. On a village. Since my childhood. But wait: it’s not a remote village at the border with Belarus, we are in Portugal and the storks are sitting not on the roof of an old stable but on the Read More

Tblissi (Georgia) Trip, Innova Café cooles cafe

Tbilisi: the coolest bar in the coolest city

Georgia Likes

Tbilisi is our old love. And while visiting “our” old places, we found out a very cool restaurant. As you might know, we are usually those, who can eat whatever and wherever. But this place is really worth a visit!

Let the locals talk - Georgia

Let the Georgians talk

Georgia Likes

About the beautiful country, about their hobbies, about the money, about their free time, about the past – it’s time to give a space on our blog to the others!

Weekend trip with kids to Poznan (Poland)

Chill out in Poznan: A Trip with Kids

Poland Likes

Once I fell in love, in Poznan. But it was long long time ago and it’s not very much connected with our family travelling ;) It was time to come back to this Polish city, in four. And now I fell in love with Poznan itself.

Paragliding in the Gudauri Ski Resort, Georgia, Caucasus, Travel, Family

10 things to do in Gudauri, if not just skiing

Georgia Likes

Are ski holidays only for skiing people? Nope! Are places like Gudauri in Georgia only for skiing? Nope! Even if some member of your family doesn’t like to ski (or „just“ to ski), he can find quite some things to do in this Caucasus village (Gudauri).

Skiing in Gudauri, Georgia

Skiing in Caucasus? Ski holidays in the Gudauri ski resort

Georgia Likes

– Can’t you go to Austria, Switzerland or Italy to ski, like all the normal people?! – some reacted like this on idea about Skiing in Georgia. Well. But Georgia is our beloved country, has amazing mountains, friendly people, wonderful food, good flight connections and cheap prices. And not everybody is skiing there ;) So Read More

Rome by a wheelchair

Italy Likes

Step by step, street by street, wheelchair push by wheelchair push – I was more and more sure: ancient Romans didn’t think too much about disable people, while designing their beautiful city ;)

Tanna (Vanuatu, South Pacific): At the active Yasur Volcano ash fields; family

Looking into the volcano

VanuatuVideo Likes

„BOOOOOOM boooo boo bu buuu!!“ – just some metres away from you. Every few minutes! „Boooom!!!“ – a sweet fireworks just for us. As an award for few hard hours of fights to get to the volcano Mt Yasur, on our last night on the Tanna island and second last night in the country of Read More

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