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Endlessness (Madeira, Portugal)

Homeschooling on Madeira

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Long time no travel. Long time no family travel. But here we are again: Hanna, Mila, Anna and Tom on heavenly Madeira. How did our travelling change in those… 11 years?

Living in Budapest with Kids, Hungary

Moving to a new land!

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Yes, we have moved. To another city, to another country. Yes, we were really afraid.

Shool start, travel, family

School starts soon

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Until now we were totally free: travelling for 4, 5 or 6 months in a row, not being fixed with full time job, everything was dependent on our will, time and cash. Now we will have to stop…

Portugal Travel: Alentejo and Vicentine Coast Natural Park, Attraktions, Storks, Animals, Ciconia ciconia

Secrets of white stork in… Portugal

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A white stork. I look at it and I immediately feel like a summer holidays. In Poland. On a village. Since my childhood. But wait: it’s not a remote village at the border with Belarus, we are in Portugal and the storks are sitting not on the roof of an old stable but on the Read More

Kids are travelling

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Parents like to travel also without their kids. Do the kids like to travel without the parents, what do you think? And when to start this?

5 years of traveling - traveling family kid

5 Years of Traveling Life

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Today is a big day! Since exactly 5 years we are sharing our travel stories with the world. 30+ countries, some for a week, some for a month, as a family: mama journalist, papa photographer, little brave Hanna and little sweet Mila.

New Years Eve Summit 2015-2015, Men's drems come true, Berlin (Germany)

Our NYE party power

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Because there is nothing I believe more in than the people – I try to have them around as intensively as possible. So our New Year’s Eve party lasted his for 7 days and hosted around 100 people. There was a political movie from Cameroon in our home-made cinema, 2 wheel-chair dancers and hell a Read More

Using until it’s used?

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This time around Christmas + winter itself, makes us buy more. The gifts, warm jacket, new ski equipment… I have a feeling that there is much more shopping in winter than in summer. And you know what? We do the shopping very rarely. We like this using until it’s used. And it’s not about a Read More

25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall (Germany)

25 years: no Berlin Wall!

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It’s a beautiful and very important day to be in Berlin. Exactly 25 years ago the Wall fell and today 8,000 light balloons are showing the people the way how the Wall was crossing Berlin: from Bornholmer Str, to Mauerpark, Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie.

On the road with pics!

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A lot of things are happening on our blog in last week in Polish. It’s because we are on Polish roads, having meetings in Polish with Poles, with our pictures, about our Pacific trip. It’s almost as intense as meetings in Tonga ;)

WHERE are you????

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Living the life and travel blogging in the places without the electricity is not an easy task! So we have to tell you our secret…

Don’t trust the strangers?

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Don’t talk with strangers, don’t take candies from them, don’t trust. Damm it, I have a little problem with this statement.

Barcelona (Spanien) Reise mit dem Rollstuhl,

3 subjective reasons to travel

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I took my brother and my sister for a tiny trip to Barcelona not only to just be with them, but also to show them 3 things, which make that I love travelling so much. 

WTF is Bahrain??

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Be careful what you wish for! Some years ago, when I was in Jordan, I met few very smiling people from Bahrain. From where? Yes, I also had no idea about this island – a tiny country, in the heart of the Persian Gulf.

Warsaw (Poland); Im Hotel ohne Kinder; Photo: Anna Alboth

With or without kids

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– So you were travelling for those weeks or months with kids?? – No, without – we like to answer. And you know that people are not always surprised?

Death + travelling :(

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Exactly 2 years ago, we were sitting in some tiny cafe in the mountains of Honduras, long weeks without mobile network, trying to catch any internet and then we have received an email. That my beloved papa very suddenly passed away. This is the worst in travelling. That you are far, far away. 

Jippiiih. Die nächste große Reise in Taka-Tuka-Land (Südsee)

The next BiiiiiiiG trip

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We said: Just do it? So we just did it! Last night we booked the flights for our next long, big, family, amazing trip. – Where to?!? – everybody asks.

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