Yes, we are open for cooperation. Nice, not-stupid and creative ones.

In last 3 years we took part in many campaigns, made dozens of presentations and met hundreds nice people. We can be useful for your organisation/company too.

If you have a feeling that we could find a common language, just write to us: We will answer for sure.

Cooperation with Family Travel Blog - Media Kit

Factsheet and media data (pdf) about our travel blog.

What you can expect from us – and what not.

The Family Without Borders is a family travel and lifestyle blog with well researched articles, unique images and intelligent, active readers – most of them between 25 and 35.

We are open for cooperations like: writing, testing (destinations, products), press trips, engagement as speakers or for workshops. Feel free to contact us with your suggestion.

But – we take our readers serious! So we set up some rules for cooperations:

  • We do not write about anyting we have not experienced. Will do not publish editorial content which is not written by us. If you want us to write about a destination – invite us. If you have an interesting prodcuct or idea: contact us and if we think it is cool for us or our reader, we can test it.
  • Our blog is about personal experiences and journalistic freedom is important to us.
  • Whatever we write about – let it be payed or not – we will report honestly, personal and critical.
  • Invitations, press trips and sponsoring are normal for travel bloggers and journalists. Such kind of invitations are not a payment but the base of our work to produce well researched content.
  • We are publishers and writing a blog is sometimes a hard and time consuming job. So PR and commercials are – like for other portals or newpapers – an appropriate way to earn some money. But we will clearly mark advertisements.

If you want to work with us, we are happy about your suggestions. Write to:

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