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Tanna (Vanuatu, South Pacific): At the active Yasur Volcano ash fields; family

Looking into the volcano

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„BOOOOOOM boooo boo bu buuu!!“ – just some metres away from you. Every few minutes! „Boooom!!!“ – a sweet fireworks just for us. As an award for few hard hours of fights to get to the volcano Mt Yasur, on our last night on the Tanna island and second last night in the country of Read More

Watching movie on tablet / travel, Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Was that very stupid?

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Vanuatu, little island Atchin. Few people there have solar panels, and those panels make it possible to load… a mobile phone. This is the only connection with other parts of the country or the world. People, who have never seen a TV – have never seen more than what is surrounding them: little islands, bush, Read More

Night Sailing: Tonga to Fiji (South Pacific, 2014)

Video: Sailing on the Pacific

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Just that you get a tiny feeling how it can be on the boat on the Pacific – I had no idea before how catamaran looks like, how are the little bedrooms downstairs, how is it to see the water and water and water. Tadadada: the video!

Vanuatu (Malekula, Atchin Island): Kindergarten, Children and teacher

In the kindergarten in Vanuatu

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Best company for little kids? Other little kids! Dream place for little kids? Full of toys for kids. During our trip Hanna and Mila were missing their kindergarten in Berlin. So we found a substitute for it: a little island kindi!

Atchin (Vanuatu, Malekula): Hanna and her pirate friends

Just…living in Vanuatu

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So… we had in our hands a little paper with name „Saraken“. We knew he lives on the Atchin island (which is close to Malekula island in Vanuatu) and that his daughter Rachel works in Port Vila in a hotel. We knew he lives with his wife and little Nanneth, daughter of Rachel. And we Read More

On the Vanuatu Ferry going between: Port Villa - Malekula - Santo

Vanuatu: go further

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The main island of Vanuatu: Efate, can be beautiful but can get also boring. We wanted to leave it as fast as possible, but we couldn’t.

Port Villa (Efate Island, Vanuatu, South Pacific) - Waterfront with cruise ship "Sea Princess"

Next stop: Vanuatu

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Last year on the world’s largest tourism trade fair ITB Berlin, we talked with just few people. The nicest guy was from… Vanuatu. From where? Is it a country, a city, an island? How many people know the answer? And know anything about Vanuatu? Do you?

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