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Guatemala: this river we had to cross

The smell of Guatemala

Guatemala Likes

From the west to the east, from Pacific to Caribbean sea, sometimes for 3 days without asphalt… Guatemala is not only those “places-to-be” from the travel guides but much much more, somewhere between one village and another.

Tikal (Guatemala): Looking on a amazing Maya ruin scenery, Photo: Anna Alboth

Tempting temples of Tikal

Guatemala Likes

Yes, sometimes it’s worth to get up before the sunrise and have an adventure of a month: the breakfast on the top of 1300 year-old-temple in one of the most powerful kingdoms of the ancient Maya world.

Antigua - the nicest city in Guatemala, Photo: Thomas Alboth

Crowded Antigua

Guatemala Likes

Would be strange not to visit Antigua, an old capital of Guatemala. But it’s so full of students of language schools that is already a bit annoying.

Guatemala> Semuc Champey, Near Lanquin

Natural aqua park

Guatemala Likes

That was the first time when changed our mind and didn’t take our own car for a day trip. Was a good decision. Those crazy, bumpy 11 kilometres took a while but at the end… there was again a bit of paradise.

Leaving San Rafael Chilascó, leaving the kids. (Photo: Anna Alboth)

Let’s eat a soup together

Guatemala Likes

The Mayan family of 14: mama, papa and 12 kids. And only 3 of them are going to school. Why? Because they don’t have money… for school uniforms… We shared a pod of soup and a few dreams.

The highest waterfall in Central America: Chilascó, Guatemala

Waterfall before the sunset

Guatemala Likes

The Chilasco falls are certainly Guatemalans must-see but we underestimated the way and after hours of running in the mud we managed to see the falls see only from the distance. But was still worth it and better than staying for a night in the jungle!

At the Pacific Ocean in El Paradon (Guatemala)

Holidays from holidays: at the Pacific Ocean

Guatemala Likes

A paradise-like oasis at the Pacific Ocean, near some tiny Guatemalan fishermen village. We would have never found this place without a portal, an alternative way of finding accommodation.

Hanna is dancing in Belize, Photo: Anna Alboth

Hanna has something to say!

GuatemalaMexico Likes

More and more people is asking how is our Hanna: if healthy? if happy? Here you are: if only Hanna would be able to write, she would give you some insights about our trip.

Guatemala: Meeting in a village on the way to Todos Santos; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Todos Santos dificultos

Guatemala Likes

Above the clouds, between the highest volcano and the highest mountain of Guatemala, we found a town, where men wear cool red pants and women clothing in the colours that H&M would have been jealous!

Guatemala: Near Ixtahuacan at the river; Photo: Anna Alboth

A warm welcome in Guatemala

Guatemala Likes

We have a lot of respect to this country where the amount of armed robberies rules in the sad international competitions. But our first night, between Mam Maya people, was very friendly.

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