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In New Zealand we have been driving and camping for 6 weeks in March and April 2014. It was the first stop of our South Pacific Trip.  We rented a little, cheap car, checked out some wonderful places around Aukland and then drove down to the Southern Island where we spent most of our time. The landscapes and views of New Zealand are stunning, impressive, unforgettable. Especially the Milford Sound is a place you shouldn’t miss. It’s a good and easy country just for camping and also for traveling with kids. We have made a wonderful video about our days in New Zealand with is worth watching. Btw. here is still out packlist for a family camping trip in New Zealand.

Video: Some ski, some don't

Video: Just a day on the road

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During traveling so much things is going on. But the paradox is that we remember all of it: what was our morning view, what did we eat for breakfast and who did we meet. To give you a feeling about our typical day in New Zealand, we made this video. Wanna join us? ;)

Postcards from New Zealand, to YOU

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Dear Family, dear Mama, Grandma, sister, brother, dear Oma and Opa, dear Natalie, Pan, Tymus and Rui, dear Maciek and Adam, dear Imke, dear Aga, dear Ula, dear Ania, dear Casi and Marie, dear aunts and uncles, dear Hania H, dear Hania N, dear Ammalia and Gall and Kiriana, dear Undkonsorten, dear Selma, Elimar (and Read More

Christchurch earthquake 2011

Christchurch earthquake: did you know?

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Just imagine that there is suddenly nothing from your favourite city centre. There is no your favourite cafe, where you meet with friends. There is no cinema. There is no your office. Your lively, beautiful city changes into many little villages around. Sad story? This is what happened to Christchurch.

Abel Tasman National Park (New Zealand): On the swing bridge

Abel Tasman didn’t touch NZ!

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Just imagine: it’s deep XVII century and you are travelling on the ship for years to find new lands and draw new maps! And only after 125 years the next European person will be there! That was a story of Abel Janszoon Tasman – Dutch seafarer and explorer, who in 1642 saw New Zeleand (and Read More

Little cosmos: Orakei Korako, Geyserland

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Gushing geysers, hot springs, bubbling mud pools and some some crazy colourful silica terraces! Add to this questions of your kids: – And what is this? And what does it do? And how does it work? – and you will have an interesting day in cosmos!

Jump out of Auckland: Bethells Beach

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Please forgive us. We had to start with holidays during those holidays. So before hard-core travelling, interesting places and valuable people’s stories – a bit of just relax on the beach. Will you survive it? :)

Auckland (New Zealand): At the beach.

Ready, steady, go! To Auckland!

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What time is it? What day is it?? After crossing 13 time zones in 2,5 days, not really sleeping and being overexcited, we landed in Auckland, New Zealand. We rent the car at the airport and without the map and driving for the first time ever on the left side of the road – we Read More

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