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East Coast of Madagascar

Madagascar Likes

Greener and even more challenging roads – that’s the difference between west Madagascar and east. I think in this post I will let Tom’s pictures talk…

Baobabs Avenue (Magadascar, Morondava)

Sleeping at the Alley of Baobabs

Madagascar Likes

Almost everybody knows where is Madagascar. And almost everybody knows the postcard-ish view from the west coast of Madagascar: seriously proud and extremely old giants: the baobabs. How not to say hello to them? We couldn’t resist to spend a night with them.

Bus station in Antananarivo (Tanna, Madagascar), Taxi Brousse, Taxi B

9th world’s poorest country: Madagascar

Madagascar Likes

Just imagine a city a size of Berlin. And that only 10% of the people have access to the water. Just imagine tiny kids, who have just learnt to walk, and are walking naked on the superbusy streets, between expensive toyota jeeps and their exhaust fumes. Poverty on the streets of Tana hurts a lot.

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