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Tbilisi: the coolest bar in the coolest city

Tblissi (Georgia) Trip, Innova Café cooles cafe

Tbilisi is our old love. And while visiting “our” old places, we found out a very cool restaurant. As you might know, we are usually those, who can eat whatever and wherever. But this place is really worth a visit!

5 years ago, when we were walking for hundreds times on the streets of Tbilisi, we thought: we have to come back there for longer. Then, when we got to know that I was pregnant, we were almost sure: we will come back to Tbilisi for the time of the maternity leave. Then… we came back to Europe, started to dream about Central America, travelled there, travelled the Pacific etc etc (this world is simply too big to come back to places!). But this winter we decided to spend our winter ski holidays in old good Georgia, and that is how we ended up in Tbilisi again.

We walked the streets again. Seeing the hospital, where we have seen our Mila for the very first time (the doctor there confirmed the pregnancy and made the first ultrasound picture!) brought the tears in my eyes. The bars, talkative people on the streets… How could I have forgotten that?!

And then we started to meet our friends from old times. Their lives changed a lot, some have kids, some made an amazing carrier. And on the one meeting, a friend took us to the place, which is totally worth mentioning.

Cafe Innova is situated at the border of Vake park. You come in and… you get lost. In shapes and colours. In a way it’s the most unsocial bar/restaurant ever. One might spend first half an hour on playing around with the menu, which you can watch on your table, like on the desktop, thanks to the projector above you. You simply have your food in front of you! Just not real. I’m telling you, you feel like ordering all the meals and all the drinks possible. Our girls got crazy, so did we.

So much about aesthetics, so much about feeling surprised! The drinks is test-tubes, strong lights, beautiful design of everything (even little playground for kids in another room). Once, you are visiting Tbilisi, you should go there, if not for eating – then for at least watching! You know that we are not those, who care too much about what and how we are eating (except the argument: locally and with/how locals!) but Cafe Innova is an experience.

Tblissi (Georgia) Trip, Innova Café cooles cafe
Innova Cafè in Tblissi (Georgia)

Especially this mix of Tbilisi for us: something old + something new. The old memories from the Narikala Fortress + the new impression (there is a lift going there now from the left bank of Mtkvari river! and tons of stupid tourists!). The old supermarket, where we used to do the shopping + the new feeling of meeting a lot of Poles (there are cheap, direct flights to Tbilisi from Poland nowadays). The old friends + the new stories of them (come on, our friend won the Georgia has talent competition!!;)

Good old Georgia. I’m sure we gonna visit it from time to time.

Our first book is out!

We have published our first book (for now just in Polish:) about our Central America Trip.
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  • Posted April 6, 2015 at 23:33 | Permalink

    Great post. Cool restaurant. Georgia has been our travelling list for a long time. We hope to get there too one day. Enjoying following your travels. Enjoy and stay safe. :)

  • Ola
    Posted February 15, 2016 at 21:48 | Permalink

    Wiem, ze post jest niemalze sprzed roku, ale wlasnie nadrabiam zaleglosci. Leze pod wielkim zdjeciem panoramy Tbilisii I dzieki Tobie az czuje zapach Gruzji! Jak ja teraz wytrzymam ze swiadomoscia, ze pojade tam pewnie dopiero za 2 lata? Cos jest w tym kraju, ze chce sie wracaci wracac:)


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