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Never-ending inspiration

When we travel – we’ve got interested, informed and… inspired. By the people, by the views, by the problems, by the sounds. And what when we are at home?

I believe in “forced accidents”. In putting yourself in different, maybe not the easiest situations, to move your borders. To check, what happens. How will you behave? What will it give you?

Detailed planning takes a lot of this away. If you book your hotel in advanced – you will never end up sleeping between some random people. If you watch all the pictures of the world of a place x – no light or circumstances will surprise you. If you expose yourself only to the things you already know – you won’t move further.

Same goes to the meetings. I will never forget spending summer camps with organised groups of kids from orphanage. Or going in the afternoons with the group of scouts to the elderly houses. I was always up to little trips to strange neighbourhoods or talking with people, who seemed to be “different” (very poor, very rich, from another country, speaking another language). I had a feeling that it only has widened my horizons, from the times I remember.

There are also experiences which you cannot easily find in an average life. Not many people climb the highest mountains, not many people dive into the deepest oceans. But there are things, you can consciously expose yourself to, even if they are not a part of your everyday life. And even if you might think they won’t touch you. But why not trying?

I’m talking about… the art. I’m not an artist at all. Have no idea about classical music, poetry or painting. But I feel that I owe myself experiencing also those corners. And I owe my kids to introduce it to them too. Who knows, maybe this will be the way they gonna choose for themselves?

I will never forget when I was maybe 7 and my parents took me in Warsaw to the music theatre for a musical “Metro”. I couldn’t sleep! I was dreaming about those singing, dancing and jumping people, I had a feeling that they showed me completely different dimension of life. It didn’t mean that I wanted to become a dancer (but there are some funny family videos from next days in our flat;), but I became aware that such a passion can also exist. Love to that, hard training and impressive results.

Now it was the time to give our kids this kind of experience. To show them something big. Something out of our world and out of their experience. We chosen “The ONE”, performance which is now being shown in Berlin.

First of all, it’s happening in Friedrichstadt-Palast – so on the biggest stage of the world (covers a floor area of 195,000 cubic meters, there is even a pool there!).
Secondly there are more than 100 artists during those 2 hours show: jumping, swinging and flying. There are aerial acrobatics, aerial straps, trapeze duo and fire soloist. Each and every of them – leaving you out of your words. If you add to this the lights and choreography, you can basically don’t stop saying “wow” (and this is what happened with the girls – I’m not sure if other people were too happy about it…).
But what was absolutely the most impressive from all – are the costumes. Insane. Designed by Jean Paul Gaultier himself.

I’m not sure what our girls want now more: flying on the trapeze or creating crazy clothes. For sure I haven’t seen them like this for a long while. And we also couldn’t stop discussing: how resistant one has to be to fight with the gravity in so amazing way, how creative one has to be that in his head those kind of ideas come up?

If you ever have a chance to see “The ONE” – do it. It’s some other level of perception. Give yourself this present. Put it on the list together with at least once visiting the opera, philharmonic or world class museum. Together with diving to freeze river in winter or bungee jumping. With going to the mosque and visiting the synagogue. Open your senses. Yourself. You have no idea what will happen next.

(Look what our girls build afterwards! Don’t even ask what kind of acrobatics they were trying to do on the ladder in our room;) Yes, we had a nice weekend!)

Our first book is out!

We have published our first book (for now just in Polish:) about our Central America Trip.
See, read and order here »

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