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Panasonic Lumix G70 Review

Review: Lumix G7 as a travel camera

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I was very happy when Panasonic asked us if we wouldn’t like to test the new Lumix G7 (G70 in Germany) on a little trip to Portugal. Of course we agreed, because we love photography and traveling! Hands on a new camera.

Tanna (Vanuatu, South Pacific): At the active Yasur Volcano ash fields; family

Looking into the volcano

VanuatuVideo Likes

„BOOOOOOM boooo boo bu buuu!!“ – just some metres away from you. Every few minutes! „Boooom!!!“ – a sweet fireworks just for us. As an award for few hard hours of fights to get to the volcano Mt Yasur, on our last night on the Tanna island and second last night in the country of Read More

Night Sailing: Tonga to Fiji (South Pacific, 2014)

Video: Sailing on the Pacific

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Just that you get a tiny feeling how it can be on the boat on the Pacific – I had no idea before how catamaran looks like, how are the little bedrooms downstairs, how is it to see the water and water and water. Tadadada: the video!

Video: Family Holidays in Tonga

Video: The water-road movie of Tonga

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We had long and wonderful weeks in Tonga: full of lovely people, boats, (sometimes lonesome) islands, sun, rain and beaches. It was also new for us to travel with two huge backpacks and our two little girls without any car.  “Autostop” (hitch-hiking) was our Song of Tonga. We a bit forgot to make videos but here is Read More

Video: Some ski, some don't

Video: Just a day on the road

New ZealandSouth PacificVideo Likes

During traveling so much things is going on. But the paradox is that we remember all of it: what was our morning view, what did we eat for breakfast and who did we meet. To give you a feeling about our typical day in New Zealand, we made this video. Wanna join us? ;)

Video: Some ski, some don't

Some ski, some don’t

AustriaVideo Likes

Other’s are skiing, snowboarding, cross county ski and Mila? She is eating her cookie. The video is made in Lech (Austria). We have received an interesting present: the phone Nokia 808 Pure View, so it seems that it’s time to start learning how to make a video. This is the very first one. Watch all Read More

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