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Night Sailing: Tonga to Fiji (South Pacific, 2014)

Video: Sailing on the Pacific

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Just that you get a tiny feeling how it can be on the boat on the Pacific – I had no idea before how catamaran looks like, how are the little bedrooms downstairs, how is it to see the water and water and water. Tadadada: the video!

Fiji: Relaxing holidays on the little Caqalai Island

What is a paradise?

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Looks amazing? Like from those holidays’ folders, which annoy you, when you sit in your office or have to clean up at home? Blue sky, turquoise ocean, palm trees. So far away and so inaccessible?

Fiji: Vitalina fishing sweet water prawns on Ovalau Island

Our Fijian lunch

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Learning – is probably the most important thing during our travels. Learning more about ourselves, learning to listen and understand the others, learning new skills. So here we go. How to prepare a nice lunch without a shop in Fiji?

Smiles and People of Fiji (South Pacific)

The smiles of Fiji

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„Miss of White Smile“, „Miss Extra Sugar Free“, „Best Smile of the Island“? Oh come on, ALL the smiles of Fiji are awesome. Let’s copy them? ;)

Fiji: Village holidays on Ovalou Island (Visoto, Levuka)

IN the Fijian village

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How amazing is to get into a village of strangers, with so different culture and habits and give each other the happiness of just being together, watching each other and learning new things, from each other.

Fiji: Women in Levuka (Ovalau Island)

Lovely old Levuka town

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There are a bit more than a 1,000 people living in this Levuka town nowadays and for few days we met maybe 5 white faces. Can you imagine that in 1870s there were 52 hotels full of Europeans?

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