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How is Hanna?

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Today Hanna is 10 months old! Last weeks were a crazy fast change of life with her. And I’m not talking about different countries or climates – but discovering the world.

Hungry wet dog in the Daunube Delta (in Romania)

Wet bottom-right corner of Romania

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Danube Delta where Danube river split into 3 channels and spills into Black Sea is a 4187 square km wetland (also partly in territory of Ukraine). This makes a heaven for 300 species of birds and 150 species of fish. National park where every private man has a boat to organize trips.

Bulgarian Black Sea coast: 1km to Romania

Along the Romanian Seaside

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So first we visited Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Neptun… Not so cosmic seaside resorts with hundreds of not the most beautiful hotels. But looks like place to be in the summer – Romanian seaside is not so big and all country has to find his square meter on the sand.

bucarest parliament roof

In Bucharest with friends

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Bucharest time was a time with our friends: with Polish-Romanian couple Ania and Costin with small (younger but not smaller) Magda, with Andrei and his lovely family, with Luisa in students dormitory.

EN: Slimnic (Transilvania, Romania) / DE: Stolzenburg (Siebenbuergen/ Romania)

Pieces from around the Fagaras Mountains

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Million places to see but we cannot stay in Transzlvania forever. So just brief stays, walks and talks in the heart of the country: small village Slimnic, in two important cities: Sibiu and Brasov and part of Transfagaras Road.

romanian police car (dacia)

A smiling Romanian police

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First time stopped by police (not counting night visit of border police during our camping)! I think they were just curious why we are passing by same village four times.

Our Car on the Romanian way

Not always sun

Romania Likes

In Romania it’s not always sunny, we had storms and rain too. But we liked it!

Salt Mina (Salina) in Turda (Romania)

Visiting the moon: Salt Mine in Turda

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In Turda, not far from Cluj-Napoca we visited Salt Mine. Knowing just that it’s big and old – we came downstairs, with Hanna packed in warm clothes. And that was the most surrealistic surprise ever! In the hole after the the bell.shaped salt mine (opened in 1271!) there is an amazing modern playing ground.

Alboths in Romanian media

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Bianca Felseghi from “Ziua de Cluj” daily newspaper in Cluj-Napoca found our blog by friends, made a comment and that’s how we get to know each other. Because we like journalist we had a coffee with her on the old town on Cluj. That’s what was published afterwords.

Camping: Hanna watching papa

Camping means freedom for the baby

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After three nights which we spend on camping outside – we are sure that Hanna simply loves it. Sitting on the sun without diapers, playing with grass, sticks and bugs.

Thank you car god

Crossing the National Park by car

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After spending calm time in Oradea, we obviously needed some adventures. Visiting Bear Cave was not enough, we drove to Cluj-Napoca through Apuseni Mountains, National Park. With average speed 10km/hour. For 6 hours!

An Oradea hero

In Oradea

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Oradea, and our friends there, welcomed us with ciorbă, mămăligă and palincă . And shower, internet and washing mashine!

On the way - Railway in Urkraine

Stop right now.

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On holidays you have a lot of free time? Right? That’s why I took with me many old newspapers which I didn’t finish reading, small pieces of papers with notes about countries we are going to, few not-started-yet books. because during holidays there is time for reading. Nothing more wrong!

Hanna meets a one day old sheep

Making fresh cheese

Romania Likes

On the way through the northern Romanian mountains a small camp of shepherds attracted our attention. First they tried to gather some runaway cows and then we saw that the obviously make fresh sheep cheese.

Graveyard in Sapanta (Rumania near Sighet)

The Blue Merry Cemetery

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Sapanta, small village 12km from Sighetu Marmatiei is known for two things: one is church, second is cemetery. But they are not ordinary church and cemetery.

Farmer in front of a wooden Gates in the Vadu (valley) Izer / Romania

The Summer says Hello in Romania

Romania Likes

Real summer together with first night sleeping in the car. Night with adventures because maybe around 3am four young shepherds decided not to let us sleep, where lighting with torch and knocking on our windows.

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