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In Iran we have been on a short trip in spring 2016 with our kids. We stayed in Tehran, Kashan, checked out mosques, romantic old towns, salt lakes, snow covered mountains, slept in a caravanserai in the desert and at a lot of friendly people and couchsurfers. But the best in Iran are it’s people. Iran is a country absolutely worth to visit. We will come back!

Kashan Iran - Places to see

Look INTO Kashan in Iran

Iran Likes

Leaving Tehran, we decided to go south. We like to look on the map, point some little, not very recommended place and take a local bus. That’s how we ended up spending most of Iranian time in and around… Kashan.

Trip to Iran with kids and family? Iran Travel

Iran Trip with Kids and Family – a good Idea?

Iran Likes

– Isn’t there only chaos? Is Iran really the right place for family winter holidays? – Tom’s father asked us, and he was not the only one asking this question. So let us talk about how is Iran for travelling, in winter, for a family, for a woman and for the kids.

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