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25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall (Germany)

25 years: no Berlin Wall!

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It’s a beautiful and very important day to be in Berlin. Exactly 25 years ago the Wall fell and today 8,000 light balloons are showing the people the way how the Wall was crossing Berlin: from Bornholmer Str, to Mauerpark, Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie.

wroclaw_ targi turystyczne (poland)

Sharing stories: Gorzów, Berlin, Wrocław

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Travel trade fairs, festivals, meetings with travellers – for us are an absolutely great opportunity to 1. move our asses outside of Berlin (every excuse is good!) and to 2. visit new places! Yes, shame of us that we have visited tiny villages of Guatemala and have never been before to Wrocław…

Our photo exhibition in the Globetrotter outdoor market Berlin; Prints by

Globetrotter exhibition

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photos made by phone Nokia 808 PureView Wuuuuhuuu, our pictures are available to be watched for the whole March in Berlin! And not in a random place, but in the Globetrotter shop, a huge paradise for travellers.

Exhibition in Berlin: preparations

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Soon, already in two weeks the exhibition of our pictures from the Central America trip will start to hang in the shop Globetrotter, in Berlin. For the whole March everybody can come and watch them and at the end, on 26th March evening, we will have a big slide-show with stories. Today we made a Read More

Papa sleeping with his two daughter, Photo: Anna Alboth


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Is travelling a lifestyle? Or just a hobby? – How the hell do you combine a normal life with so much travelling? – people ask us. Well, there is nothing to combine.

Come to our slideshow in Berlin!

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The Family Without Borders in Berlin, on Wednesday, 5h of October, 18:00 o’clock in betahaus Berlin (Kreuzberg). We will show you the best stories and pictures of our Around The Black Sea trip.

Berlin Trip Teufelsberg

Berlin: On the Devil’s Hill

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Big trips are in our minds but what we can do right now in Berlin – is making even small, weekend trips. Let’s play in discovering our own city like we would be far far away.

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