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Never-ending inspiration

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When we travel – we’ve got interested, informed and… inspired. By the people, by the views, by the problems, by the sounds. And what when we are at home?

25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall (Germany)

25 years: no Berlin Wall!

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It’s a beautiful and very important day to be in Berlin. Exactly 25 years ago the Wall fell and today 8,000 light balloons are showing the people the way how the Wall was crossing Berlin: from Bornholmer Str, to Mauerpark, Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate and Checkpoint Charlie.

Subjective curiousities

GermanyPoland Likes

Should it be less objective, more private and non-journalistic? About German girls, who shave their legs less often than Polish and about the German boys, who – somehow – don’t have to prove anything, like Polish do? Ok, why not one blog post like this?

german forest

My little German tour

Germany Likes

This is a new experience: travelling without roaming! Why? Because I was travelling thought the country… I’m living in. But not through „my“ country. Through the country, where my husband and my kids were born.

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