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Tonga, Eua Island: Big 'Ovava Tree (Strangling fig tree)

Ovava playground tree

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„Kids-friendly place“, „Perfect family destination“, „We have amazing playground and babysitter, come to visit our hotel“…. You know what? This is an amazing playground!

Video: Family Holidays in Tonga

Video: The water-road movie of Tonga

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We had long and wonderful weeks in Tonga: full of lovely people, boats, (sometimes lonesome) islands, sun, rain and beaches. It was also new for us to travel with two huge backpacks and our two little girls without any car.  “Autostop” (hitch-hiking) was our Song of Tonga. We a bit forgot to make videos but here is Read More

Unforgettable 24-hours ferry trip

South PacificTonga Likes

After watching those pictures you might say: too crowded, too many people, too dirty. And you might be right. But those 24 hours on the ferry from south to north of Tonga was our best experience in this country.

Bruno Banani - The Tongan participants in the 2014 winter olympics in Sochi

Hot Bruno likes snow

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Since our first days in Tonga we kept on hearing about this guy. At the end we bumped into him on a small island. And his name is… Bruno Banani.

Churches of Tonga, watch the video

Church music in Tonga. Wow.

South PacificTonga Likes

We are not exactly the people, who would visit few churches every Sunday! But in Tonga – it’s not only a mass but the most important social and community time. And the concert! Switch into HD quality and listen.

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