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Belize in Central America

Belize: On the mennonite lake in the evening; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Between the destinations

Belize Likes

We don’t just go from a place A to the place B. All the places on the way, where we sleep or cook – became memories itself.

Belize: First meeting with fresh cacao beans.

Leaves and cacao with Mayas

Belize Likes

Going south in Belize, the most far away from touristic crowds of the seaside and the islands. Far into the jungle, in Toledo district, very close to Guatemala but to get there you need to go around for 600 km.

Doing nothing

Belize Likes

Also during our trip they happen: those days of doing nothing. Or maybe just nothing spectacular, because we were busy all the time: with discovering the waves, stones in the sand and funny plants.

Belize: We met an Alligator on the way to Lamanai Maya ruins

Between the crocodiles

Belize Likes

Not experts of Maya ruins, nor experts of bird life but both: in Lamanai and in Crooked Tree wildlife sanctuary we were again impressed.

Belize:; Bartons creek

Skulls between stalactites

Belize Likes

So in the evening we met this nice Canadian girl and she told us that Barton Creek on the north of Belize should be a small paradise. She didn’t have tell us more, next morning we left San Ignacio, with her.

Belize: Our Mennonite hitchhiker, Photo: Thomas Alboth

Unique meeting back in time

Belize Likes

First impression from some jungle road: a crazy mirage or they are shooting a movie? Do you remember “Dr. Queen” series? Or “Little House on the Prairie”? Women in long, simple dresses and bonnets, men in denim overalls and hats. Those are the Mennonites, religious community and a much more exciting topic than beaches and Read More

Belize: Hanna found a friend.

Being a dude in Belize

Belize Likes

– Aarite, Bro? – our first hours in Belize were kind of funny. Everything sound a bit like a joke: suddenly super open, friendly and talkative people. A big change from shy and distanced Maya people in Guatemala. But that was only the first impression, Belize is like a strong drink made of very different Read More

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