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On the road near Bosporus (Turkey)

“Welcome to Europe”

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We reached Istanbul and crossed The Bosporus Bridge. We saw the sign “Welcome to Europe”. So this is the beginning of Europe? And in which point of our trip did we leave Europe..?

Family Bayram in Bursa

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Ramazan Bayramı is a three-day Muslim holiday that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. We were lucky enough to spend those days with a truly lovely Turkish family.

The Castle in Ankara (Turkey)

Safe in Ankara

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After driving, driving, driving through empty eastern Turkey, we finally arrived to Ankara. We decided to take it easy: walking, eating and shopping. Completely different from last months.

turkey: hannas new turkish friend

1200 of Turkish kilometers

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Somewhere just before Georgian-Turkish border we realized that we won’t be able to discover much of this huge country. Too much time we spend in Caucasus, we have to be back home very soon, and additionally, because of pregnancy, I’m getting more and more tired.

hanna with a dog in Turkey

Where are the posts??

Turkey Likes

No, no, we haven’t stopped our trip! More and more people are asking what happened than since some weeks nothing appeared on our blog. The explanation is very pragmatic: our car and laptop have to be fixed and it takes time (especially when you are changing place of stay almost each day). But as soon Read More

On the ferry Princess Victoria (Sochi - Trabzon) in Sochi port

By the sea, away from Russia

RussiaTurkey Likes

Our days in Russia were like one big stomachache before the big exam – and long ours on the ferry to Turkey were like feeling just after the exam: all emotions pouring down our bodies and minds.

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