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Hanna is dancing in Belize, Photo: Anna Alboth

Hanna has something to say!

GuatemalaMexico Likes

More and more people is asking how is our Hanna: if healthy? if happy? Here you are: if only Hanna would be able to write, she would give you some insights about our trip.

Comitan (Mexico, Panamericana): People sitting on a jeep

Adiós Mexico!

Mexico Likes

Of course not visiting all the places we planned, and of course much later than we planned – we are leaving Mexico. Surprisingly, without any problem on the Guatemalan border!! 

On the market in San-Christobal de las Casas (Mexico, Chiapas); Photo: Thomas Alboth

San Cristobal the Coolest

Mexico Likes

Cool, because situated between hills in a small valley. Cool, because very walkable and likable with all the small cafes (first time we felt Berlin’s atmoshpere). Cool, because of all the Maya’s culture in the city.

Mexico, Chiapas: Market in San-Lorenzo

Chiapas’ diversity

Mexico Likes

And each of the villages has its own clothing, language, beliefs and customs. And maybe even 1/3 of the people don’t speak Spanish! And from those jungles came the rebel movement of Zapatista, which is fighting for a democratic change of indigenous rights. Chiapas: an amazing state of Mexico.

Mexico (Chiapas): Anna and Hanna at the Maya Ruins in Palenque; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Juicy green Palenque ruins

Mexico Likes

Already arriving to the camping place, close to the Palenque ruins, gave a very tropical feeling: dipped in the jungle small road to small wooden cabanas, bustling with “King of the jungle” song, wet and hot morning just waiting for exploring the ruins.

Mila and Tom on our evening walk in Merida (Mexixo), Photo: Anna Alboth

Big city, small city and a village

Mexico Likes

Going more east, we checked the capital of the peninsula, another town and a small fishermen village. What to say, between chickens, turkeys and dogs – we all had the most of fun.

Mexico: The Maya Temple in Chichen Itza (Yucatan Peninsula)

Chichén boring Itzá

Mexico Likes

I’m seriously wondering how did Chichen Itza make it to be between new seven wonders of the world. More tourists and souvenirs than wonders!

Cenote in Coba, Mexico (Yucatan Penisuela)

Cool those cenotes

Mexico Likes

So how many degrees do you have in Europe right now? Don’t you also feel like jumping to the blue eye of underwater cenote?

The Maya Temple and the Sea in Tulum, Mexico (Yucatan Penisuela)

Meetings in Tulum, Mexico

Mexico Likes

Probably the most touristic Maya ruins around but still: just imagine how happy those Maya must have been to wake up and have such a view in the morning!?

Mexico (Yucatan): A Spider Monkey in Punta Laguna

Dinner and breakfast with monkeys

Mexico Likes

Since the moment Hanna first time saw a spider monkey we knew that we have to find more of them and show her that they are happy out there, between the trees, and taking one home is maybe not the best idea.

Mexico (Yucatan), San-Angel: Mayan boy in a hammock; Photo: Anna Alboth

Laugh has no dialects

Mexico Likes

What to do in the Maya village on the Day of the Dead? You follow your daughter and get invited for a traditional dinner!

Mexico (Yucatan): Family with monkey in the Village San-Angel; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Hammock, tv and coca-cola

Mexico Likes

San Angel, 800-people Maya community. One of the places where organisation Kanche is supporting the activities of indigenous people.

On the beach on Holbox Island (Yucatan, Mexico)

Sandy, sunny Isla Holbox

Mexico Likes

Seems like heaven, from those folders of travel agencies. But on the pictures you don’t see one important issues: mosquitoes!!

Our new Car, bought in Mexico to drive to Panama: A Crysler Voyager 2001

Buying the car in Mexico – done!

Mexico Likes

To become a happy owner of the car in Mexico you must go through four steps: finding a proper car, checking if it is really a proper car, getting money to buy this car, registering the car. And each of those steps can be a fight – especially if you are a foreigner.

Breakfast in Cancun (Mexico)

Not an easy beginning

Mexico Likes

At first hurricane and then it can be only stronger? That was kind of our beginning in Mexico.

Jet lag in Cancun

Mexico Likes

We are sending kisses to the whole world from Cancun in Mexico! Still sleepy, tired and not very conscious that we are really here.

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