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Meetings in Tulum, Mexico

The Maya Temple and the Sea in Tulum, Mexico (Yucatan Penisuela)

The Maya Temple and the Sea in Tulum, Mexico (Yucatan Penisuela)

Probably the most touristic Maya ruins around but still: just imagine how happy those Maya must have been to wake up and have such a view in the morning!?

The ruins of Maya settlement (one of the last places inhabited and built by the Mayans) are situated on 12-meter tall cliffs, along the east coast of the Yucatán Peninsula (Mexico) on the Caribbean Sea. The views: like in heaven!

Tulum was an important point for Maya: connecting the cities in the land with all the sea. Hundreds of boats during centuries were sailing from this and to this city. And that is what makes this place special, and touristic on the same time: not only history talking to you from each stone but also this amazing scenery with a beach in the middle, where everybody can take a bath during hot Mexican days.

I couldn’t stop thinking how those Maya must have felt there, having every day this turquoise water in front of their houses.

Hanna didn’t care much about the ruins. For her the most interesting were nowadays citizens on Tulum ruins: iguanas, which seem like not carrying about tourists at all.

During our stay in Tulum (at the camping place, just next to the ruins) we met a lovely German family with three kids, who convinced us to take an opportunity that we met and go altogether on the boat that adults can snorkel a bit (2 adults with kids, 2 adults in the water). Many thanks for it! We didn’t make any pictures there (5 kids around was enough to take care about) but they did, you can see them on their blog.

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We have published our first book (for now just in Polish:) about our Central America Trip.
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