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Juicy green Palenque ruins

Mexico (Chiapas): Anna and Hanna at the Maya Ruins in Palenque; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Mexico  (Chiapas): Anna and Hanna at the Maya Ruins in Palenque; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Already arriving to the camping place, close to the Palenque ruins, gave a very tropical feeling: dipped in the jungle small road to small wooden cabanas, bustling with “King of the jungle” song, wet and hot morning just waiting for exploring the ruins.

The travelers’ hangout is called El Panchan and for longer than some minutes gives less and less positive impressions, too easy music, too much alcohol and not enough friendly people for such a sweet place. In a funny coincidence we parked our car just in front of a cabana, who was rented by a guy we met few days before, so we just stayed there.

This night was raining and the wet grass in a full noon sun made a very fresh impression just when we saw the ruins. Temples and palaces, on the hills, between the trees give the natural feeling: that all is in the right places here. On over 15 square km there are hundreds of ruins spread but only small area is excavated. Small but big enough to get tired by walking in the heat and sweat. A nice surprised at the end is the waterfall, which was bringing water to people living in there since 100 BC.

Exit and entrance from the Palenque National Park means passing through made stands with souvenirs, comederos (places with small food) and official or not travel guides. Prices are flying around, you can bargain until any price you want. That’s how Hanna got her first traditional clothes (picture as soon as she will wear them). Interesting feature are boys who take care about your car on the free parking place. They of course “watch” the car but to make it more reasonable to pay them the “watching” includes “washing” too.

Btw, arriving to Palenque means that we left the Yucatan Peninsula and start a new adventure in the region called Chiapas.

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