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Just do it!

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„You have such a nice life, such a nice flat, such a nice husband, so nice kids“. I heard that some people stopped reading our blog, because „it’s not fair that some people are so happy, and some are not’. You know what? Bullshit.

The Family Without Borders - Familie ohne Grenzen - 2013

See you next year!!

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Just a short: HAPPY NEW YEAR for you all! We are very happy to have so many readers and want to make a little summery of this year 2013.

Photo prints for free

Present! Photo prints for free

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We love printing our pictures! To hang them, to cut, to make our own special photo albums. And we are very happy we can give you (ALL OF YOU!) this present: prints of your pictures for free.

Sweet and cheap: couchsurfing

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Bringing home a beautiful Danish girl, who will sleep half-naked in our room? No no, this would be too much ;) But Danish couple, or Palestinian family or brothers from Chile – yes yes, we really love the couchsurfing idea.

Sharing HOME with others

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As a student you live with parents, in the students’ dorm or in the shared flat. Then, as a couple or fresh married couple – it also happens to live with friends (especially here: in Germany). But once the girl become pregnant – fast fast fast – everybody is moving in to their own place. Read More

Budapest (Hungary): 5th month pregnant with Hanna; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Pregnancy and travel

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Lately I have shared with you our sad pre-term stories. During that hard time I was thinking (much too much, like any other mother in this situation): if maybe I didn’t simply do too much during pregnancy: too much of sports, too much of travels. But all of the doctors say the same: if the Read More

Cross-generations weekend

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Two generations have always separated us; today, 600km do too. As any grandmother would do, Wiesia came to visit her granddaughter and two trilingual baby great-granddaughters in the German capital for a weekend, to celebrate her 80th birthday.

Not always sunny

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„Is that true that your sweet girls were preterm??“ – I have received such an email. „Really really? And they are fine now? And does it mean that my little one can be also day…?“. This email was a motivation to share with you our sad story too.

Cross the kids’ borders

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How many kids are running away when they see Kuba? How many are afraid? And why my girls’ favourite game is to slide down from his knees to the footrest of his wheelchair?

Sounds and colours of Ostrava

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Some months ago a friend of mine send me a link to the lineup of this festival and from the first second I was sure – we are gonna to be there! And when I started to read more and notice how much kids-friendly + how diverse in music and topics this festival is, I Read More

Mila and Anna in the grass

What we don’t need?

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One parents’ magazine made an interview with us. But then they told us they cannot publish it. Why? Because they would loose their advertisement clients. Why?? Because we don’t need gadgets.

Small talks with Hanna

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Hanna is surprising me more and more, with her comments, questions and answers. This is probably super typical for every mother, but since by our blog you already know our points of view on some topics – you can also get Hanna’s. She is the ¼ of The Family Without Borders, isn’t she?


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„Are our kids different than the others?“ – I think this question we hear the most of all. Hmmmm.

Sharing stories: Gryfino and Poznań

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photo made by phone Nokia 808 PureView Our small włóczykij Mila (‘włóczykij’ means ‘tramp’ in Polish) surprised us during the Włóczykij Festival in Gryfino, the biggest travelers’ festival in Poland.

Papa sleeping with his two daughter, Photo: Anna Alboth


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Is travelling a lifestyle? Or just a hobby? – How the hell do you combine a normal life with so much travelling? – people ask us. Well, there is nothing to combine.

Honduras: This guys helped us allot on the road.

Roads of Honduras

HondurasNews Likes

While being on the road trip, you discover the road from million of sides. It’s your way, your aim, the bedroom, the shopping mall, the place of meeting people.

Pieces in print

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Since four months our pictures and stories you can also find in a printed version, in a very beautiful Polish magazine about family lifestyle: “Gaga”.

With our price: Blog of the Year of National Geografic Travelery

Yes, we made it: Traveler 2011 is ours!

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We are very happy to tell you that we got a title of the Blog of a Year 2011 by National Geographic Traveler Poland! We hope that means much more than a lot of clicks on our blog right now : )

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