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Sharing stories: Gryfino and Poznań

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Our small włóczykij Mila (‘włóczykij’ means ‘tramp’ in Polish) surprised us during the Włóczykij Festival in Gryfino, the biggest travelers’ festival in Poland.

She was really tough. We managed to watch (or partly watched) with her 10 presentations. It’s of course not much when you think about the whole festival (which has more than 120 presentations), but we spend in Gryfino only two days. Mila was asking questions about every single picture on the big screen (“a co to?/what is it?“, “a kto to?/who is it?“) and making her comments (also about the audience, for example there was a bold guy sitting in front of us and she was keeping on telling me: “mummy, look, baby!!“). Or she was simply sleeping on my legs. In between of getting cakes from the ladies in the cafeteria and watching presentations, she was also sleeping on some couches (like here on the picture).

We always thought that Hanna is much cooler during those mass meetings like festivals than Mila, but obviously Mila grew up. Just a pity that she fell asleep before the main festival party: the big ball, because due to the theme of the ball (fairy tails) we and a big group of friends had the Smurfs clothes and the Baby Smurf’s clothes had to stay with sleeping Mila in the room.

But Gryfino’s Festival was like always cool (we visited the festival two years ago). Great level of organisation, great warm potatoes as a surprise in the middle of the night from the owner of the bar (so called “u Suszka”), great company. I was just afraid, because at the same time as our presentation there were planned two other presentations, two good ones. But we still had guests and quite some nice emails afterwards.

Just after Gryfino we visited Poznań and the Poznański Klub Podróżnika, which kept inviting us for  a while. Even if the speed of the meeting was really crazy (I had to get a train just after the presentation), the atmosphere was really unforgettable. Poznański Klub Podróżnika is lucky to have such a nice place as cafe Kluboksięgarnia Głośna is. And I promise to stay for all the evening next time!

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  • Kasia
    Posted April 5, 2013 at 13:45 | Permalink

    Ostatnio, po tym jak mała zaczęła oglądać muminki, tłumaczyłam mężowi co to znaczy ‘włóczykij’:) doszliśmy do tego że to pomieszanie ‘wanderer’ z ‘globtrotter’. Tramp mi się bardziej kojarzy z urwisem, albo panią lekkich obyczajów;)


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