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Minuses of living with other people

All the time people around, telling you what to do, eating up your chocolate?? Awful this living with other people ;)

After the last post about sharing our home and life with other people – you send us a lot of emails. Very nice emails but with some questions and doubts. If it is really so easy? Such a pink love&peace Beverly Hills? What do I don’t write about? If we don’t have enough of people and are not annoyed by them? Isn’t easier, calmer and more “family-like” to have your own space?

Honestly – no, we don’t have enough. Probably we are just very lucky with people. And it’s not so easy to find difficulties in this kind of lifestyle. But I will try!!

1. You can’t walk naked through the flat. Ok, you can. But we still have some borders :)

2. You have to inform you are going to take a long bath. Otherwise your wine and book will be disturbed by constant knocking. Not a difficult thing to do.

3. You can’t be jealous that your kids love other adults too. That other adults are also great „parents“, creative and patient. (It’s not our case, I’m very happy about it, but some parents asked me honestly if this doesn’t disturb us).

4. You have to be open for critics (about bringing up kids, your life, relationships). Doesn’t mean you have to agree or take them into consideration, but people you live with know you very well, observe you and care. So they also say what they think. (This I love, even if it’s not always easy)

5. You have to love people and company. Of course you can hide in your room but when you are there too long, everybody will come to check what is up.

6. Sometimes your nutella glass is over, when you come to the kitchen in the morning (But sometimes also, in the moment you totally don’t expect – such a glass – full glass! – will appear ;)

7. Your parents might not like it. Even they might not like it very much. You might have a lot of fights with them.

8. Some of your flatmates might not like somebody from your friends or family. Or the other way round. Easier when you are living alone and have to think about it only once a year, during your birthday party.

9. It’s good if you have the same feeling of cleanness. We are happy to have it with our flatmates. Without rules, shifts and fights. Everybody just cleans up a bit, more when it’s needed or when some important guests are coming ;)

10. I really can’t find more! Do you?

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