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Holidays from holidays: at the Pacific Ocean

At the Pacific Ocean in El Paradon (Guatemala)

At the Pacific Ocean in El Paradon (Guatemala)

A paradise-like oasis at the Pacific Ocean, near some tiny Guatemalan fishermen village. We would have never found this place without a portal, an alternative way of finding accommodation.

“Stop being a tourist. Feel at home in the world” – that’s the slogan of one finding-destinations-company. And you know what? We felt so much home that we didn’t want to leave. All of us. Tom because of surfing, Anna because of horse riding, Hanna because of the swimming pool and Mila because of all the nice and calm atmosphere at the beach, in the hammocks and while taking bath in the sink.

“Paredon Surf House” was one of two possible destinations which we found in Guatemala on portal Pictures were amazing, so we had no doubts that this is a place to visit. We also wanted to rest few days from all the positively overwhelming meetings, places and experiences. Totally the end of everything: we were driving and driving and driving down from Guatemala City for ages. And at the end of the road we found this small paradise.

Around 20 people could stay there at once, in smaller houses or in the dormitory. We divided the time between fun for all, fun for papa and fun for mama, because the family life always needs some logistics.

Tom decided to touch some Pacific waves on the surf board. Did you know that first written notes about surfing are from 1778, when James Cook visited Hawaii? But the story of the surf board over there go back to 4th century! And did you know that my husband was doing really well? The problem was to document it, because Hanna badly wanted to do exactly the same and was impossible to stay with her on the beach where she could have seen it from.

My free time can sound kitschy. Horse riding. On the beach. During the sunset. Blah. But it was actually really nice and relaxing. Long kilometers of the seaside without any sign of humans. Small turtles running away from under the hooves of my horse. A very good thing is that Paredon’s people are getting horses (but also kitchen stuff, food, etc) from the locals and by this actively support the community in its development.

So after those long, lazy days – we will add thislocation to our “favorites”. Tree-houses, boats and many funny places to check out. Recommended!

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