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Natural aqua park

Guatemala> Semuc Champey, Near Lanquin

Guatemala> Semuc Champey, Near Lanquin

That was the first time when changed our mind and didn’t take our own car for a day trip. Was a good decision. Those crazy, bumpy 11 kilometres took a while but at the end… there was again a bit of paradise.

Just imagine a kind of bridge, long for 300m, made in a limestone, on the top of which the blue water makes series of steps and natural pools. Everything of it totally blue, accessible and… made by nature!
This miracle is situated on the Rio Cahabon river, near Samuc Champey village, 11km away from Lanquin.

Even if the day was rainy and grey, we didn’t have a sun even for a moment, the place made a very strong impression on us. Also because in Europe, in such a place, there would be at least hundred people jumping into this sweet water. In Semuc it’s very calm. Like everything around would also respect this wonder of nature. Hanna just didn’t like small fish, biting our feet totally without respect!

To get to the 100% natural aqua fun park (like somebody tried to explain us), you should start from Lanquin early. The road takes ages and costs a lot of bruises, if you sit on the back of a local car. But me and kids got invited to join a driver, so only one part of the family was really experiencing the trip.

In Lanquin we spend few days, relaxing a bit. There is a good place for it: El Retiro lodge with palapas on the riverside (great atmosphere and not only local food – what after a while is realllllly nice to have BUT a lot of awful bed bugs in those palapas). We didn’t visit famous caves around Lanquin, because this is something which is not a fun with two small kids.
During those days we were doing a bit of nothing, talking with internationals, answering emails, cleaning up the car and planning next steps in Guatemala. Still so many places to go to and we are already longer here than we expected to be.. Like always ; -)


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