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turkey: hannas new turkish friend

1200 of Turkish kilometers

Turkey Likes

Somewhere just before Georgian-Turkish border we realized that we won’t be able to discover much of this huge country. Too much time we spend in Caucasus, we have to be back home very soon, and additionally, because of pregnancy, I’m getting more and more tired.

Georgia: Refugee camp for Ossetians IDPs near Tiblissi

No words in refugee camp

Georgia Likes

Worst what can happen to you during trip is not having the language. We spend sweet afternoon in refugees’ camp close to Tbilisi but we… don’t speak Ossetic…

Southern Georgia

3rd time in Georgia

Georgia Likes

And again we are crossing the border to Georgia and again it’s the same: feeling home, welcomed and safe.

Cross in the Gerhard monastery in Armenia

Hopping from sight to sight

Armenia Likes

There is so many must-be-seen places in Armenia. And even if crowded and it’s too hot to breath in August, touching those walls from 3rd century we will remember.

Yerevan (Armenia): View on the Ararat


Armenia Likes

In the capital of Armenia we spend holidays during our holidays. Hostel of one friend and hotel of another friend gave us days of real relax.

homeless men in the armenian mountains

Middle of nowhere

Armenia Likes

Way back from Nagorny Karabakh to Yerevan was even more windy than way there. Windy and empty. That’s where we met Vladimir.

Platan tree Nagorny-Karabakh

Impolitic Platan Tree

Nagorny Karabakh Likes

There is such a place in Nagorny Karabakh which doesn’t care  if you are Armenian or Azeri. The giant 2000-years old Platan Tree, you could hold a party inside the core.

Mosque in Shushi (Nagorny-Karabakh)

Stronghold remains in ruins…

Nagorny Karabakh Likes

Shusha (in Azeri), Shushi (in Armenian) by the second half of the 19th century had become the the second largest town in the Caucasus after Tbilisi. Hard to believe in it. Right now it’s an empty, melancholic place.

Melons in Armenia

On the way to Nagorny Karabakh

Armenia Likes

The road from Yerevan takes time, it’s not so short and curvy (I really feel that I’m pregnant on such a roads). But absolutely beautiful. Sometimes windy and cold, but we are all the time on around 2000 meters.

Caming at Lake Sevan in Armenia

Lake Sevan, tourquise Armenian “sea”

Armenia Likes

We were coming back at Sevan few times. Cool water on high of 1900 meters will remind us on one hand small snakes on the east coast and on the other fast watercraft on the west.

Berlin meets in Akhtala (Armenia)

Berlin meets in Akhtala, North Armenia

Armenia Likes

And now it’s the time for Armenia! And on the border we are meeting another white car, with Polish number plate and non-Germans living in Berlin. So first Armenian night… in the monastery we will spend together.

Papa with baby Hanna in the lake near Rache (Georgia)

Weekend in Racha

Georgia Likes

After coming back to Georgia we decided to still jump out of Tbilisi for a short trip on the west from South Ossetia. First night in the tent and long fight to find a soup…

Bottle house in Ganja (Azerbaijan)

Bye bye Baku

Azerbaijan Likes

So from now on we will go only west. Last meetings with friends, last interview, last car workshop visit… and driving into direction of Georgia. Our visa will expire in two days.

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