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Berlin meets in Akhtala, North Armenia

Berlin meets in Akhtala (Armenia)

And now it’s the time for Armenia! And on the border we are meeting another white car, with Polish number plate and non-Germans living in Berlin. So first Armenian night… in the monastery we will spend together.

– So do you maybe know if Georgian-Russian border is open? – that was how our border meeting started. And because we know quite well that it’s not open (check out our Russian horror story) – that was just first topic in common. Berliners (one from Poland, one from Spain and two from Romania) are traveling also quite freely, so we decided to find a place to sleep together.

Was lovely! We didn’t expect that villagers will give us in the evening keys to open the gate of the monastery. The only deal was that we can sleep on the territory in tents, so our two white cars on Polish car plates had to stay outside.

Akhtala Monastery was built in 13th century and has amazing wall and ceiling frescoes. But because in Armenia sights from 13th century are almost not like sights (because they have much more churches and monasteries even from 3rd century), non many tourists visit this north part of the country.

The woman from the village opened for us in the morning all the doors of the church and told us some stories. But at the end she asked for money. Maybe it’s fine but… would have never happen in Georgia.

Our first book is out!

We have published our first book (for now just in Polish:) about our Central America Trip.
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