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Middle of nowhere

homeless men in the armenian mountains

Way back from Nagorny Karabakh to Yerevan was even more windy than way there. Windy and empty. That’s where we met Vladimir.

Not far away from Vorotan Pass (2344m), on the M2 way we stopped for a night. There, in the mountains, we met Vladimir, which since 2004 is living with his woman and a chicken, without any real contact with the world around.

Vladimir was working “as somebody like a boss” during ten years of building the underground canal connecting Lake Sevan (Armenian main source of water) with Spandarian Reservoir, which is in straight line more than 60 km long. The idea of the canal is to support Sevan and get more water from rivers on the south of Armenia.

Eighteen kilometers of this tunnel were completed before the collapse of the Soviet Union, but in 1988 Azerbaijan imposed an economic blockade on Armenia due to the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, and the work had to be stopped. It was continued after the war and finally finished in 2003. Vladimir didn’t move out since that time. In the past: tanking trucks, loading and unloading, nowadays: reading old books and trying to survive. He is retired and his money are being sent directly to the owner of the closest shop which is bringing him sometimes food. But not in winter, when the snow is up to the top of his house and the only rescue is his chicken.

Vladimir really wants to talk to people. But because there is just one person with him, he is only thinking a lot. His most important message is that man needs to believe in something. – So which God so you believe in?

We believe in discovering the world. Also by meetings like this.

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    Amazing portrait… yesterday I dreamt about him and his house, no kidding…


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