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1200 of Turkish kilometers

turkey: hannas new turkish friend

Somewhere just before Georgian-Turkish border we realized that we won’t be able to discover much of this huge country. Too much time we spend in Caucasus, we have to be back home very soon, and additionally, because of pregnancy, I’m getting more and more tired.

So we took a decision: we will come back to Turkey for longer, to discover it properly: from the west to the east, from the north to the south. With somebody speaking the language. It’s too interesting and too important country just to pretend that we saw anything in two weeks. Turkey is more than twice bigger than Germany and from the east to the west is around 2000 km!

And here we are: at the eastern corner of Anatolia, having few days to get to Ankara, where our friend is waiting for us with open arms and big bed. More than 1200 km, but luckily roads are amazing. Especially on the east: very empty, we feel a bit like playing some computer games: very very wide, few lanes streets, repaired or built just recently, different structures of those roads, different light on different time of the day. Driving, driving, driving. Short stops in some villages, shopping with showing with fingers what do we want (so stupid not to speak the language!!), no really contact with people (we became friends just with some dogs – check the pictures).

Strange time. The end is really feel-able. We are driving west, plan is to have a straight way to Ankara, then to Istanbul, then straight way to Berlin. We even stopped reading the travel guide and tips from our Turkish friends, not to feel sorry about things we are missing on the way…

Our first book is out!

We have published our first book (for now just in Polish:) about our Central America Trip.
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