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3rd time in Georgia

Southern Georgia

And again we are crossing the border to Georgia and again it’s the same: feeling home, welcomed and safe.

“Welcome to Georgia” – you hear every time at the border. Feels so good. The only “problem” on borders with Georgia is that they are asking for certificate of birth of your baby, to proof that your baby is your baby. Same surname is not enough. All of this because of children trafficking which seems to be a problem in this region.

We are in Georgia for the third time due to conflicts  between neighbors (you cannot cross from Azerbaijan to Armenia – you have to come back to Georgia; you cannot cross from Armenia to Turkey – you have to come back to Georgia). But this can make us only happy.

Few minutes after the border we stop to ask for nice calm place at the lake. – But please, stay at my house! Or at least drink coffee, or come for breakfast tomorrow, or take good water from the well – we are almost used to those amazing Georgians.
Finally we stop at this lake, small boys are coming with bottle of fresh milk from the cow (because they saw Hanna), then one more farmer at the tractor is offering place to stay and then we can finally sleep.

There are two more things (for now) we want to visit before heading to Turkey: cave city … and refugee camp with refugees from Ossetia (about camp in next post).

On the way we were again and again fixing our car (such a small thing holding the spring) with good German tape (we are driving on this tape since eastern Azerbaijan, cause nobody has better idea how to repair it).

Cave city, with hundreds of rooms, was build in 12th century by Giorgi III and his daughter Queen Tamar changed the purpose of the site from military to religious one by starting the monastery. In some point place was a city of 50 000 people. Today Vardzia is again a working monastery.

On the way to Turkish border we still had a look on Khertvisi Fortress, one of the oldest in whole Georgia (from 10th century). Beautiful border is that. Sunset, empty (very bad) road and border controllers playing football.

Our first book is out!

We have published our first book (for now just in Polish:) about our Central America Trip.
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