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Cross in the Gerhard monastery in Armenia

There is so many must-be-seen places in Armenia. And even if crowded and it’s too hot to breath in August, touching those walls from 3rd century we will remember.

All you can find in tourists guides: Garni Temple, Geghard Monastery, Khor Virap or Noravank… Everybody has seen it, everybody has been there. But try not to!
Our special place is Geghard Monastery from 4th century, just some minutes driving from Yerevan. This beautiful complex, with cave churches and water springs, was also important place during wars. For us it’s important, because there we have been on one of our first together trip in 2007.

Garni Temple, rebuilt Hellenic temple, from 1st, is a super-touristic place, with music, tons of people selling sweet bread and dry fruits.

Khor Virap church has an amazing location: on the foot of Ararat Mountain. Some walls are even from 2nd century and on Sunday there is no space to make a picture: everywhere just married couples. It’s also very close to Armenian border, from terraces you can see the border posts.

For me, the most impressing, also because it’s far away and not so many tourist are walking around, especially in the late afternoon, is Noravank church complex, masterpiece between rocks of different colors. Maybe in such a place you could really find some inside calmness and pray for a while? Seriously, that was my feeling over there.

More relaxed places to go (especially when it’s too hot) are for sure Lake Sevan and Tsaghkadzor complex: on the north from Yerevan, the only skiing resort in Armenia. In the summer the cable car can take you up and give nice views.

All those days we were hoping from one sight to another, we spend with my (Anna’s) papa. Don’t have to mention how happy Hanna was to be with beloved grandfather.

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    Lovely just what I was looking for.Thanks to the author for taking his time on this one.


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