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Travelling with Kids: In the airplane

Traveling with kids: by plane

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Let’s start with the plane. In next posts from series „trip-with-kid“ will be about travelling by train, by car, on foot. But plane usually scares parent’s the most. So many hours, so many people. So what?

Budapest (Hungary): 5th month pregnant with Hanna; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Pregnancy and travel

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Lately I have shared with you our sad pre-term stories. During that hard time I was thinking (much too much, like any other mother in this situation): if maybe I didn’t simply do too much during pregnancy: too much of sports, too much of travels. But all of the doctors say the same: if the Read More

Burma (Myanmar): A smiling security guy in Yangon; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Burma – not how you expect it

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Welcome to one of the few countries in the world with real military dictatorship. The generals have been ruling Burma since over 50 years, shooting down peacefully demonstrating students, monks and imprisoning thousands of opposition members. Welcome to one of the poorest places in the world, where nearly half of the kids grow up in Read More

Counting Mexican pesos'

Money makes us go around?!

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The most popular comment under some media coverage about us (except “wow, that is nice” and “poor kids with irresponsible parents” is: “oh my god, they must be so fuckin’ rich, travelling like this is not available for normal people”. It is, I’m telling you.