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Bulgaria with friends

Downtoown Burgas (Bulgaria)

Downtoown Burgas (Bulgaria)

Goodbye Black Sea but hello friends! Back to EU and again easier to meet them. Mariya in Burgas, then Marina and Reuben in Sofia, and Heike – at the airport, joining us for last week of the trip.

Bulgaria welcomed us with well known brands and half-naked girls. After Caucasus and Turkey, Tom couldn’t concentrate – pieces of naked bodies everywhere: on posters, streets and promenades.

Also attitude to children changed very suddenly: here nobody is noticing small Hanna, in coffees nobody is answering for her tries to get an attention. I must say that something we both really liked in Caucasus and Turkey is that no matter what age – people know how to deal with kids. In Europe is rather rare to see teenage boys playing with small kids, this is kind of dishonor for them. But in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey – opposite. People live often in big, many-generations houses, supporting each other in bringing up children. Girls and boys know how to play with kids different age, are open and careful.

In Burgas we still managed to have short coffee with Mariya, then in Sofia we met Marina, and we slept in the flat of Reuben. So nice to see people with whom you are in touch mostly only online.

Just before leaving Sofia we picked up Heike from the airport, our friend which decided to spend last week of the trip with us driving back home through Serbia, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. She brought us “Samba” – chocolate cream from Berlin. Ah, tastes like home…

We are so close to the end. Just last 2000 kilometers. We will still visit few friends on the way, who are waiting to see us live, not on pictures. Then grandparents in Warsaw. And then back home, after long months on the way. Maybe in 10 days we will sleep in our bed? Very strange imagination.

Our first book is out!

We have published our first book (for now just in Polish:) about our Central America Trip.
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