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Travel tips: with kids

Travelling with kids can be easy and wonderful too – it’s just a state of mind. Here we collected some posts which can help you to travel with kids in easier.

Kids Who Travel - Traveling with kids; Photo: Thomas Alboth, copyright

Have a kid who travelled

Travel tips: with kids Likes

Sunny face, friendly smile and curious eyes. Understanding, asking questions, making friends of any origin and speaking any language. Be a parent of a kid, who travelled!

Packlist for a family outdoor backpack trip

Family outdoor packlist

equipmentTravel tips: with kids Likes

2 adults and 2 little kids? For 4 months? Camping? In cold New Zealand and on hot South Pacific islands? And you have only those 2 backpacks?? – people are asking us. Well, everything had to fit into 2 backpacks. And all had to be light enough to carry it. Let’s have a look inside!

traveling with kids: toys; travel tips

Traveling with kids: toys

Travel tips: with kids Likes

At home kids usually have their own room, usually full of toys. Or at least a corner of the room, usually full of toys. Small, big, dolls, teddy bears, legos, games, balls and rocking horses. How to put it all into a backpack when you travel??

Travelling with Kids: In the airplane

Traveling with kids: by plane

Travel tips: with kids Likes

Let’s start with the plane. In next posts from series „trip-with-kid“ will be about travelling by train, by car, on foot. But plane usually scares parent’s the most. So many hours, so many people. So what?

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