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Let the locals talk - Georgia

Let the Georgians talk

Georgia Likes

About the beautiful country, about their hobbies, about the money, about their free time, about the past – it’s time to give a space on our blog to the others!

Trip: Around the Black Sea, The Family Without Borders

Our last trip: Around the Black Sea

GeorgiaNews Likes

Was an amazing time. 9 countries, 6 months and 3 people (including our 1 sweet baby). We met the Gypsy King in Moldova, became good friends with a poor family in autonomous republic Transnistria, fell in love with Crimean landscape, hated corrupted Russian police, had a good rest in Chechenyan villages in Georgia, melt in Read More

Hanna first time really WALKING in the car workshop in Belgrade

Hanna is walking!!!

Serbia Likes

Our very last day of the trip and she started to walk! In this busy time of repacking all our luggage in some small car workshop in Belgrade we didn’t give much attention to Hanna. She was playing with toys, boxes, everything she could find around. Soon we were supposed to drive to hotel with Read More

Georgia: Refugee camp for Ossetians IDPs near Tiblissi

No words in refugee camp

Georgia Likes

Worst what can happen to you during trip is not having the language. We spend sweet afternoon in refugees’ camp close to Tbilisi but we… don’t speak Ossetic…

Southern Georgia

3rd time in Georgia

Georgia Likes

And again we are crossing the border to Georgia and again it’s the same: feeling home, welcomed and safe.

Papa with baby Hanna in the lake near Rache (Georgia)

Weekend in Racha

Georgia Likes

After coming back to Georgia we decided to still jump out of Tbilisi for a short trip on the west from South Ossetia. First night in the tent and long fight to find a soup…

On the Georgian border to Azerbaijan

Welcome to Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan Likes

After super-relaxed Georgia time for empty and dry Azerbaijan with different religion, far to many pictures of the president in each village and hot as bath Caspian Sea.

Ultrasound: the new Alboth (Baby; Georgia)

We’ll be back in 4!

Georgia Likes

Many people on our way told us that we should make more babies because Hanna is so sweet and smart. So… we took it serious and our family without borders will come back to Berlin from the Black Sea trip a bit enlarged.

Hannas first watermelon in pankisi (Georgia)

Pankisi: living between Chechens

Georgia Likes

– Better not go to Pankisi valley just like this, people there are not so open – we heard in before. And during three our days there we had absolutely perfect hosts and we felt more welcome than anywhere.

Hanna in Kazbegi (Georgia; Caucasus)

Georgia is gorgeous

Georgia Likes

So we reached the point in which we are a bit afraid that we will not see anything more impressing on our way. We visited Kazbegi, in the heart of Caucasus Mountains.

A road sign near Tiblissi (Georgia)

Nice even in the whore-house

Georgia Likes

First few hours in Georgia: absolutely lovely valley in Adjura and super friendly and helpful people (including whore-house staff and… the police). Did we find our place on earth?

Crossing Russia: 150 km to Vladikavkaz

Our very dark days in Russia

Russia Likes

All bad what happened on our trip until now – happened during our one week in Russia. Why one week if we had 4-days transit visa? Police, closed border, police,  car workshop, again police: they know the answer…

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