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Georgia is gorgeous

Hanna in Kazbegi (Georgia; Caucasus)

So we reached the point in which we are a bit afraid that we will not see anything more impressing on our way. We visited Kazbegi, in the heart of Caucasus Mountains.

There is the only way up there: lovely, lovely ancient passage from Tbilisi through Caucasus to North Ossetia. The passage is called Georgian Military Highway and is as challenging as spectacular. On the way turquoise lake with Ananuri – 16th century fortress.
Then ski resort of Gudauri (good to have a hitchhiker who knows the valley and mountains equally good in summer and in winter – so we know now where to ski when moving to Georgia).
Next thing: Jvari pass (Pass of the cross) on more than 2300 metres. And everywhere insane rivers and waterfalls. Lucky us we found a “petrol station”, where “it happens that they have diesel” and where we got diesel!

The road leads to Georgian-Russian border, on the Chertov Most (the bridge of devil). We know this devilish border quite well but from the other side. But this time we were just afraid of wolf which was supposed to live around the waterfall we were sleeping nearby.

When we got to Kazbegi we had a surprise because Kazbegi is Stepansminda. Such a double naming: old and new one. Most important sight there (not taking into account climbing on 5047 metres mountain Kazbek) is
Tsminda Sameba Church (Church of Holy Trinity) from 14th century. Three ways of getting there: by Niva jeep, by horse or by feet. We waited for a bit better weather and choose the most challenging and giving most satisfaction, third option.
What a feeling, up there, somewhere between Russian and South Ossetian border, on 2170 metres, running through grass with our sweet Hanna.

Our first book is out!

We have published our first book (for now just in Polish:) about our Central America Trip.
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