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Video: Travel-singing together!

A little video of Hanna teaching the kids of Fiji how to sing “Brother John” nursery song. Music always bring people together!

One morning I woke up in our tent and heard some noise from the house around. I went out of the tent and noticed that this noise it’s kids’ singing. – And one more time – said Hanna – everybody together! “Panie Jaaaaanie, Panie Jaaaaanie…” (the Polish version of “Brother John”) – maybe 20 kids were singing with her! But when I found Tom with the camera – the language has changed into German and kids run away from the camera shots. But it’s still sweet, no? ;)

Almost in every village of Tonga and Fiji – we have some music time. Might it be learning new songs from locals (like “Twinkle Twinkle” in Fijian, we know by heart!), might it be singing together (if possible) or teaching our songs. Our ukulele is one of the most important things we have with us.

The best multi-culti-multi-languages song one until now is French “Frère Jacques” (“Brother John”), which has a version in soooo many languages! We have already heard it, during last years’ travelling, in… Icelandic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Russian, Albanian, Italian, Arabic, Korean, Kurdish, Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish and Hungarian! Easy, simple but bringing the people together. What else do people need? ;)

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We have published our first book (for now just in Polish:) about our Central America Trip.
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