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Going north, to Lezgins

Rider on the way to Laza (near Quasar; Azerbaijan)

Too hot in Baku to stay there any longer. But luckily we have friends which have a sweet house in the mountains, on the north, in Qusar – in the capital of Lezgins, one of the ethnic minority group in Azerbaijan.

Our friend Leyla is also a Lezgin. One of those beautiful girls with blue eyes and dark hair. Part of the nation lives in north Azerbaijan, another part in close-by Dagestan. They speak the Lezgian language and today are predominately Sunni Muslims, with a Shi’a minority.

In the mountains there is of course more fresh air than in Baku, lovely views already on the way.

Main road to the north leads on the right side of Besbarmaq Dag (Five Finger Mountain), quite spiritual place for Azeri people. They go there seeking good fortune, kids, cure and answers to all problems.

Quba, also on the way, is known as a place, where mountaneous Jews live.

In Qusar, 40km from the border with Dagestan, we took a real rest. Sweet house, with Beatles’ posters on the wall, long talks and no “being a guest stress” (that is something we discovered during our trip: it’s really not always easy to be a guest, but I will still come back to this topic one day).

The visit to the north reached its highest point when we visited Laza: with unforgetable views and waterfalls. Even if waterfalls with this temperatue… didn’t have almost any water! The valley of Qusarcay River, along which they start building the ski resort, is absolutely the place-to-be in Azerbaijan.

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