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My little German tour

german forest

german forestThis is a new experience: travelling without roaming! Why? Because I was travelling thought the country… I’m living in. But not through „my“ country. Through the country, where my husband and my kids were born.

Funny. I brought girls to their kindergarten, I packed my backpack and I left the flat. I met Ania, my good friend from Cracov in A&O Hostel close to the main train station and… since that moment, for he next 9 days we were the travellers in Germany.

We have tramped through (mine?) Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, the Rhine river valley, Karlsruhe, Black Forest, Nuremberg, Leipzig, Dresden and Swiss Saxony.

When the German Tourism Centre (Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus) offered me taking part in this project, at first moment I thought: Germany?! I live here since 4 years, boooooring. And now I’m really glad I have changed my mind.

Because when I left the flat and switched from „my city“ into „open your eyes“ mode, suddenly I saw much much more of the places, moments, habits. All the places (so called hotspots) worth visiting, we described with Ania on the website:

So what about (for example) did we write?
In Berlin: about the trip to the Devil’s Hill (Teufelsberg), the artificial mountain of Berlin, made by the war’s ruins, about fabulous cafes (for example Kauf Dich Glücklich, Michelberger Cafe, or Polish-German cafe-bookshop Buch Bund). About surprising ideas (a shop with hundreds of little pearls or place for climbing in the middle of the city).
In Hamburg: about the best cheese-cake ever. About the views in the port . About the beach in the middle of the city. About other great ideas (like a (big kitchen, you can rent with your family or friends for common cooking!).
In Düsseldorf: About a cosy place for night talks. About the choco shop and jumbo mojito drinks.
On the way: about really impressive Romantic Rhine River,
In Nuremberg: about the castle. About the book-wine-cafe shop, the perfect place for the morning press reading. And about our longest and biggest beer! And about the neons.
In Leipzig: abouth the Museum of Instruments and about Museum of Fine Arts, and about the milk bar with thousands of ice-cream-glasses. And about the very cool club in the old castle tower.
In Dresden: about the only travel books bookshop. And a sweet flea market!
And in the Swiss Saxony: about absolutely fairytalish views of Bastai.

Check out the links, if you feel like!

And a few very subjective observations – in the next post.

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  • Ela
    Posted June 16, 2016 at 11:23 | Permalink

    Today i find your blog. I wanna say thanks for many ispirations. I will come back and read a lot of your other trips.
    I´m starting in my adventure in some weeks and i´m happy to find some experience from other people.

    Thanks and have a nice day


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