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Gorgeous Crimea

Crimean Seaside near Yalta (Black Sea; Ukraine)

Crimea is our biggest discovery until now. Best you can get: mountains and sea in one place, just next to each other, all in green! Russia should be really really angry at Nikita Khrushchev that in 1950s he gave it away to Ukraine.

Sight after sight, the sea, rocks, waterfalls, castle here, castle there. Everyone which has free two weeks – should take a car and visit Crimea, seriously. All the southern coast: from Sevastopol to Feodosiya is simply non-stop impressing.
Starting with Balaklava (about which we already wrote), passing by Foros (where Gorbachev’s village is standing and sweet Church on the Rock is looking from far up), arriving to Yalta.

Then reaching the top of Ay-Petri mountain (1234m) and 100m-high Uchansu waterfall, sleeping up in mountains just nearby radar station which looks like Teletubbies’ village, looking from far away on the Swallow’s Nest.

More to the east (direction of Kerch and ferry which took us to Russia): botanic reserve and sandy beaches in Novy Svit and sweet town Koktebel.

Crimea turned out for as a place of good meetings: lovely Russian family which moved to Krasnokamianka (not far from Yalta) from Moscow, which whom we spend all long day or dinner and breakfast with Pi, Wolf and Timo and from bikers team (www.2wheels4change.com) traveling from Berlin to Mongolia.

And also as a place of beauty surprises. For example when driving up from Gurzuf to find a place to stay for night, we suddenly met a lake, which is like hanging above the Black Sea. The lake – the sea – the sky. Ah Crimea…

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