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Between The Oceans 2011-2012 (Central America)

Trip: Around the Black Sea 2010

From October 2011 until January 2012 we have been on a 4-month-long adventure: this time with two girls to Central America. The trip Between the Oceans 2011-2012 from Mexico to Honduras, through Guatemala and Belize.

Pictures | Map

Mexico (Yucatan), San-Angel: Mayan boy in a hammock; Photo: Anna Alboth

Laugh has no dialects

Mexico Likes

What to do in the Maya village on the Day of the Dead? You follow your daughter and get invited for a traditional dinner!

Mexico (Yucatan): Family with monkey in the Village San-Angel; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Hammock, tv and coca-cola

Mexico Likes

San Angel, 800-people Maya community. One of the places where organisation Kanche is supporting the activities of indigenous people.

On the beach on Holbox Island (Yucatan, Mexico)

Sandy, sunny Isla Holbox

Mexico Likes

Seems like heaven, from those folders of travel agencies. But on the pictures you don’t see one important issues: mosquitoes!!

Our new Car, bought in Mexico to drive to Panama: A Crysler Voyager 2001

Buying the car in Mexico – done!

Mexico Likes

To become a happy owner of the car in Mexico you must go through four steps: finding a proper car, checking if it is really a proper car, getting money to buy this car, registering the car. And each of those steps can be a fight – especially if you are a foreigner.

Breakfast in Cancun (Mexico)

Not an easy beginning

Mexico Likes

At first hurricane and then it can be only stronger? That was kind of our beginning in Mexico.

Jet lag in Cancun

Mexico Likes

We are sending kisses to the whole world from Cancun in Mexico! Still sleepy, tired and not very conscious that we are really here.

Hanna and her teddy bear "Mischa"

Ready, steady and… tragedy

News Likes

You may think that losing a teddy bear in last hours of packing, just before a 6-month-long trip, is not a problem. Yes, it is. Hanna’s teddy bear was with us since 2 years, was sleeping with Hanna every night, went with us on the trip around the Black Sea, was going to the doctor, Read More

preperations passports

What for this traveling?

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People usually don’t ask us this question directly but in last days before leaving Hanna is forcing us to find some good answers. We try to talk with her about the trip, explaining that we are leaving, that we will be far away, that there will be different animals and fruits. And because she is Read More

preperations wall

¡ Soon !

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Preparations can be exhausting or can make you happy. Or both. Only six more days we have to finish everything here in Berlin and take a place in the plane to Cancun, Mexico. Aaaaaa!

Preparation for our Central America Trip with our Kids

Getting ready…

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How early before the trip one should start preparations? Last minute was always my thing but maybe this time we can start a bit earlier? Especially that Mila is still nicely sleeping during days.

Our Car on the Romanian way

Next year: next trip


Very soon the second daughter will join our family. New year, new baby and… we are starting to plan our new next trip. Ladies and gentleman, in 2011 we will travel to…

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