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What for this traveling?

preperations passports

preperations passports
People usually don’t ask us this question directly but in last days before leaving Hanna is forcing us to find some good answers. We try to talk with her about the trip, explaining that we are leaving, that we will be far away, that there will be different animals and fruits. And because she is in this funny period, twenty times an hour we hear: “but why?”.

So why will we be far away? Why there are different animals and fruits? Why there will be no kindergarten? Why do we have to pack? Why do we have to decide which toys to take? Not so easy to find answers which could be understandable for two years old lady. But we are trying. A funny gymnastics for ones brain!

So why do we have to go to this huge Globetrotter shop and choose products for the trip? Why mummy and daddy have to write so many emails in last days (bookings, insurances – those topics are a bit too much to start the discussions)? Why do we get those big boxes by post from Alpinus company? Why do we have those funny books (passports) with (sic!) Hanna’s and Mila’s pictures in it!? And why those parents are so excited but also a bit stressed and less patient in last days and hours?

All of it just because we are starting! The first flight at 9am to Frankfurt. Then at 2pm – frrrrrrrrrrrrrr – to Cancun.

Our first book is out!

We have published our first book (for now just in Polish:) about our Central America Trip.
See, read and order here »

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