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In Summer 2013 we went with our car on a road trip to Bosnia. Bosnia the a well kept secret of the Balkans – not too many tourist, wonderful moutains with little crystal-cleal rivers, blue lakes in the valleys. And it’s not far. You can be there in a one day car tip from Germany. So why you are not going for your next holidays to Bosnia?

Why THERE with the kids?

Bosnia Likes

Very important place during our Bosnia&Herzegovina trip was Srebrenica. A place where during the massacre in 1995 more than 8000 people were killed. Why do we go to such a place with our kids? I tell you why: because our travelling and our life is not only about our kids.

Sarajevo (Bosnia): Cats on the roof; Photo: Anna Alboth

Sarajevo & Mostar – check the weather forecast

Bosnia Likes

There is one part of the travel preparations I really want to learn and have a serious problem with. We are usually not planning much, and this is ok. BUT putting together two facts: the time you go somewhere and the temperature you can expect there at this time, makes sense!

Hanna makes pictures, in Bosnia

Bosnia Likes

During our little holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hanna had her 4th birthday. What to give her? Books she has, toys she makes, more clothes she doesn’t need… Tom started to think what would make him happy and… answer was easy: a photo camera!

Bosnia: Srebrenik Fortress - an amazing view; Photo: Thomas Alboth

“Dobro došli u” Federation

Bosnia Likes

Almost exactly half of the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina is called Federation. This one, in contrast to Republika Srpska, is mainly inhabited mainly by Bosniaks and Croats.

Republika Srbska (Bosnia): Animal at the Vrbas river ; Photo: Thomas Alboth

“Добро дошли у” Republika Srpska

Bosnia Likes

Is it a butterfly or a dragonfly? What flag do they have here? And in what country will we wake up tomorrow? – Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republika Srpska (where we started) is not the easiest place to be with, a 4-year-old, asking about everything around, girl. Not easy to find your own answers, not Read More

Bosnia: Lukomir; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Above the present days

Bosnia Likes

Little stone houses, 3 metres of snow in the winter and only 15 grannies and grandpas – the highest located village of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Lukomir, will stay in our memories.

(Bosnia): Kravica Waterfalls; Photo: Anna Alboth

Hot, wet, cold, blue: Bosnia.

Bosnia Likes

From the several theories about where does the name „Bosnia“ come from, I believe it this one: „bosana“ means water. Fabulous rivers, countless springs, turquoise lakes, breathtaking waterfalls and streams here and there. Thanks to them we survived 42 degrees and we fell in love with another country.

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