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Hanna makes pictures, in Bosnia

(Bosnia):  ; Photo: Thomas Alboth

During our little holidays in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hanna had her 4th birthday. What to give her? Books she has, toys she makes, more clothes she doesn’t need… Tom started to think what would make him happy and… answer was easy: a photo camera!

Luckily we were passing by a bigger city, so we could visit a shopping mall. The camera must have been small and strong. The colour was just an additional value :) A little blue Nikon is water-proof and shock-proof, so for our over-active little lady: kind of perfect.

Ohhhh how happy she was! She was always very much interested in our camera but our Canon, especially with the big lens, is 1. too heavy for little hands, 2. too important for us to let her play with it. – Now I’m a big girl – she said. – And now I will also make pictures. Do you think we can make a meeting at home that I will show my pictures and tell the stories? – she asked. A she meant all the slide-shows during travellers’ festival, where we were showing our pictures. – Hmm, let’s see, Hanna. If your pictures will be good and diverse – maybe somebody will invite you – she took it serious.

From the first moment, she had the camera on her arm, all the time. – Papaaaaa! Stop the car! I saw a nice shot over there!! – Hey, wait a second. You always stop for the picture, I also need to stop now. Etc etc etc. We shot ourselve in the foot.

Bosnia: Lukomir; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Hundreds stops, shots and tries. Hanna was trying to copy Tom, sometimes when he was taking picture, she was trying to get on his height to make a similar one.

It’s very interesting to watch and see what, in this lovely country, was the most interesting for her. U think the most she was stopping at all the animals (dogs, cats, chickens, cows, crabs), ice-cream stands and „very important subjects“, which she was missing I guess: little bikes and toys. Her teddy bear, and Mila’s rabbit – were also an important issues.

Of course she took a lot of pictures of our family. And this is very cool – finally we have some pictures just in 2, or with Mila. Very funny to see her perspective. She also love to catch us in some stupid moments: while changing clothes or just when we woke up. But those ones I will not put online ;)

She was happy to meet new people and make a picture of them. Some I even don’t know when did she see.

Interesting to see are all those little details, she decided to photograph: her feet, her knee or a part of the pavement.

Of course a lot happened while driving. Hanna was sleeping much less than before, because „she could have missed some nice view“ ;)

We have also a documentation of places we visited. Houses, streets, places, which were maybe not very interesting for us. But thanks to Hanna, now we can remember things better.

I think my very favourite series is the one I called „moments“. That Hanna caught her own shadow, Tom making picture of the waterfall, joking Mila or us updating the blog. Here I can see that she can really see things fast (proud mama ;).

And the thing which makes us the most smile – are Hanna’s self-portraits. We are never doing them, so it was very funny to see her turning the camera and catching her own face. Where this idea came from?!!

And after coming back we watched all her pictures together with her, we chosen the one she likes the most, we printed it and now she has her little Bosnia album. Showing to our friends and guests. Almost like a slide-show, right?

PS. Are your kids also taking pictures on the trips? Any special one, you are very proud about? Send it to us: anna.alboth@gmail.com, we will make a nice collection of them on the blog!

Our first book is out!

We have published our first book (for now just in Polish:) about our Central America Trip.
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  • Posted October 23, 2013 at 14:41 | Permalink

    Definetily, she loves animals and toys!!!! So cute!

  • Posted October 23, 2013 at 22:09 | Permalink

    The photos are totally great! An adult would never took photos like that!! I recently discovered our 5 year old son can take photos too. I discovered it by coincidence and since that time we swap – I take his photos and then he takes a photo of me. Fantastic experience! Different than with any photographer I had before :)

  • Posted October 24, 2013 at 08:18 | Permalink

    Hanna is absolutely fab!!!! Her pictures are great!!! Our 3,5 y little princes also like to make pictures I will send you one she makes! I’m so proud of her!!!! You gave me great idea of birthday gift for Zara!


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