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Crimea non view (Ukraine)

Breathtaking no-view

Ukraine Likes

– Not always caviar – my best friend likes to say so. And when being on the top of Crimean mountains but in the middle of clouds it would be easy to agree with her, but I will not. Because even such a no-view can be the caviar during our trip.

Kids in the Artek Camp on Crimea (Ukraine)

Artek: my socialist childhood dream

Ukraine Likes

Artek since my school time and Russian lessons was for me a place very close to heaven. The place you will be only able to reach if you lived a good life: behaving well to teachers, having good marks, being a good socialist boy, always helping mama, standing up for older people in the tram, Read More

Crimean Seaside near Yalta (Black Sea; Ukraine)

Gorgeous Crimea

Ukraine Likes

Crimea is our biggest discovery until now. Best you can get: mountains and sea in one place, just next to each other, all in green! Russia should be really really angry at Nikita Khrushchev that in 1950s he gave it away to Ukraine.

At the Black Sea in Sevastopol (Ukraine)

Sevastopol, a “nice” city

Ukraine Likes

What to say? Clean, proper city. With good city port but not much atmosphere. If not counting Russian Black Sea Fleet and hundreds of Russian flags everywhere.

Ayshe Bakhchysaray Usta (work)shop (Ukraine; Crimea)

Charm of Crimean Tatar’s souls

Ukraine Likes

Crimean Tatars, their tradition and culture – best place to go is USTA workshop of Ayshe Osmanova and her husband Lutfi in Bakchysaray.

Balaklava - the nicest place on Crimea (Ukraine; Black Sea)

We found heaven!

Ukraine Likes

Balaklava is the most beautiful spots at the Crimea (Black Sea) with a Soviet submarine factory under the mountain.

Valery, the archaeologist from Bakhchasaray (Ukraine; Crimea)

Mysterious man: Valery, the archeologist

Ukraine Likes

Strange thing has happened to us and I’m still not sure what to think about it. We met (maybe) an archeologist, which was (maybe) doing the excursion about old Armenian monastery and is (maybe) living in nearby cave.

The cave city in Bakhchysaray (Ukraine; Crimea)

Bakhchysaray: palace or cave?

Ukraine Likes

The name of the town means “garden palace” and the place (or at least the name of the place) itself is well known in Poland thanks to poet Adam Mickiewicz. But obviously he hasn’t seen the caves!!

Multikulti Yevpatoriya

Ukraine Likes

That was a day when I had to dressed up 3 times: in old Orthodox Church, in Dzhuma-Dzham Mosque and Dervish Monastery. Yevpatoriya, which is 2500 years old, is truly multireligious and multicultural place.

Salt lake (Liman) near Odessa; Ukraine; Photo: Thomas Alboth

Between Odessa and Crimea…

Ukraine Likes

In the straight line maybe 300 km to cross the border with peninsula Crimea from Odessa. But we don’t like straight lines and we do like coastline which is usually not so fast.

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