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Multikulti Yevpatoriya

That was a day when I had to dressed up 3 times: in old Orthodox Church, in Dzhuma-Dzham Mosque and Dervish Monastery. Yevpatoriya, which is 2500 years old, is truly multireligious and multicultural place.

Hanna was surprised to see mama in different clothes (hiding sometimes only hair, sometimes all the body). But I – thanks to it – could have felt those places of pray even better.

St. Nikolas Orthodox church, with queue of people paying for prayers was the first one. Then Dzhuma-Dzham mosque from 1552 and at the end Devish Monastery, dating from the Crimean Khanate’s 15th to 18th century. Last one with Sufi mysticism and “energy” circles was a bit less serious.

A wind of Tatar’s culture made things here. Somewhere on the way to (closed right now) Armenian Cathedral we ate samsa (bread baked on the inside wall of small oven). And in the Main Gate of Medieval Kezlev: yummi Tatar’s sweets.

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