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Along the Romanian Seaside

Bulgarian Black Sea coast: 1km to Romania

So first we visited Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Neptun… Not so cosmic seaside resorts with hundreds of not the most beautiful hotels. But looks like place to be in the summer – Romanian seaside is not so big and all country has to find his square meter on the sand.

We heard that even Ceausescu’s villa is somewhere there but when we asked police guys standing at “President’s Alle” they told us that are not able to show us the place.

Going east, instead of mud bathing in Techirghiol Lake we watched funny music festival for locals. Locals are always cool but having a small baby takes away possibility of long talks until morning in smoky local pub – so only funny festivals are left. I’m a bit joking but really good to see people the way they really spend time, not only on souvenirs stands.

Big storm came to us in quite meaningful place, at Danube-Black Sea canal. This 64-km canal shortens the trip of water to sea by 400km. And this is maybe the only good thing about it. For Romanians it’s a symbol of terror and labor camps – while working till dead more than 40 000 people lost their lives here. Storm and red flowers, that’s how I will remember this place.

Because we are not fans of visiting cities and additionally it was still raining – just on the way we had a look on popular Constanta and Mamaia beach resort.

And it was the beginning of wet Romania – wet not only because of rain but also about all the lakes and rivers at Danube Delta. Ruins close to town Histria, at the lake which is joining the sea, are really place to visit. This is the oldest Romanian place – town settled in 657 BC by Greeks and discovered in 1914. Good to be out of touristic season, good to be alone between 2667-years-old stones.

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