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Khinkali from Pankisi

Khankali (Georgian food) from Pankisi Valley

Mniam mniam mniam – one of the very meaningful phrase of our Hanna. Georgian speciality: khinkali, in Pankisi taste better than anywhere else.

Khinkali are Georgian dumplings filled with various fillings, depends on the mood and region of the country. Most of them are with spiced meat (beef or pork) but can be also mushrooms, cheese, spinach and greens, onions and garlic. You eat them plain. The filling is getting ready together with khinkali, so when cooked the meat’s juices are trapped inside the dumpling. That’s the tricky part: not to get totally wet one must suck the juice while taking first bite.

Mniam mniam mniam!

Khinkali from Pankisi (north-west Georgia) are a bit smaller and less wet. For me best in the country.

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