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Pieces from around the Fagaras Mountains

EN: Slimnic (Transilvania, Romania) / DE: Stolzenburg (Siebenbuergen/ Romania)

Million places to see but we cannot stay in Transzlvania forever. So just brief stays, walks and talks in the heart of the country: small village Slimnic, in two important cities: Sibiu and Brasov and part of Transfagaras Road.

Village Slimnic in the Saxon land with 15th century fortified church was a sweet stop. Person taking care about it, instead of Saxon Evangelic Church, is a German guy, during summer working in Berlin. Signs around are first written in German, then in Romanian.

In Sibiu (in German: Hermannstadt) we stayed in Old Town Hostel, directly in the old town (with view on main square). From first moment you could notice that something happened with this town. In 2007, together with Luxembourg, it was the European capital of culture. And – to be honest – I would like to use a rubber and take back some money which made this place so touristic and artificial. I do believe that it was lovely, atmospheric place before…
And for the next time: we found by accident hostel which was not in our Lonely Planet (from 2007): Flying Time Hostel. If you go to Sibiu – check it out!!

Brasov, with a big Hollywood-like sign on the hill welcomed us with his slogan: “Probably the nest city in the world”. Well…
Starting from Black Church, called “the largest Gothic church between Vienna and Istambul”, was a bit disappointing. Not big and not black.
Mountain “Panorama” restaurant had no panorama and…no food! But we had nice walk from the top and when Hanna ate her lasagna mashed food – it inspired us to visit some Italian place (they have a lot of them!) and eat a real one.

I was really looking forward to Transfagaras Road. About this 118 kilometers long, on more than 2000 meters, Ceausescu’s project, I heard only recommendations. Building of it took 4,5 years of using dynamite, more than 35 people died during their work. But the road (because of snow) is open only from July to September, so we were able to make just 1/6 of it. Better than nothing! Finishing on cable car from Cabana Cascada to Cabana Balea (we were too late to use it) – we spend a night in the forest.

Leaving Transylvania – suddenly “our” Romanian mountains disappear and flat, boring view (heard name for it: Romanian Texas) said hello. Felt strange and we are heading to Bucharest.

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